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Iran a tested friend of Pakistan, says Ambassador

ISLAMABAD, MAY 28 (DNA) –Mehdi Honardoost the Ambassador of Iran has said Iran and Pakistan enjoy good relations in all fields including in the field of politics, culture and security.

He expressed these views while speaking at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI)

The Iranian ambassador further said, “Today, by availing the opportunity of this session, I intend to benefit from your views and opinions on the important subjects of the two countries to further strengthening of bilateral ties”.

He said, there are various means of further improving bilateral relations such as, Positive and productive point of view and strong resolve of the officials of the two countries, besides positive atmosphere and brotherly inclinations and feeling between the government and the people of Pakistan and Iran are the main support of positive trend in bilateral relations.
He said Iran is tested friend of Pakistan throughout political history of that country adding Iran has always been and will be the supporter of Pakistan in all the areas and opportunities.
Besides, the good political relationship, unfortunately due to some reasons, economic ties and level of trade transactions between the two countries is not at acceptable and satisfactory level of the officials of the two countries in view of vast existing opportunities and potentials, he added.

The ambassador said, “we have decided with full cooperation of Pakistani brethren, to benefit from all the opportunities to execute the great existing potential”.
He said visit of H.E. Rouhani during March of this year to Pakistan after 14 years was a turning point in the bilateral relations of the two countries. During this visit two sides put up of some new areas to enhance and expand the relations and agreed upon them which would be followed up by the embassy subsequently.

One of these fields, the effort of the two sides in the area of border trade and facilitation of transactions. two sides have agreed to open two border crossing points at Rimdin and Pishin simultaneously, cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries as people to people contacts on the two sides of the borders will be strengthened.

IP gas pipeline and electricity transmission network in Pakistan was discussed and followed up. Two sides ended the negative views about the rivalry between Chahbahar and Gwadar ports and the relevant officials of the two countries have reiterated that these two ports are complementary of each other.
He said, “We are making efforts and following up in order to materialize the desire and resolve of the officials of the two countries to expand and elevate the economic and trade ties between the two countries and to bring them up to 5 billion dollars”.

“We believe that friendly and brotherly bilateral ties of two great nations of Iran and Pakistan should be tangible and its manifestation and implementation be in the enhancement and expansion of bilateral trade ties”.

The ambassador said increase of interaction and exchange of delegates between the two countries during last few months was evident of constructive view and way forward of the officials of the two countries.

“Both of two big and neighbouring countries of Iran and Pakistan, are Muslim with a significant and young population are the two big countries of the Islamic World and have been friends and brothers in the history and enjoying similar opportunities and language and close to each other”.

The ambassador said, besides having joint spiritual and Islamic values, two countries have very close views about the developments in the world and region. These commonalties provide a potential to fully achieve the joint decisions, he added.

The ambassador added, two countries have common concerns too. Drugs and smuggling and terrorism phenomenon, corruption and activities of terrorist groups are the common concerns of the two countries, which may lead toward close bilateral cooperation.

Long border of the two countries, despite misuse by traffickers and illegal activities, is still border of peace and friendship and it may be said it is most secure and least problematic border in the countries of the region.

Future relations are bright in all the areas and dimensions for the two countries and we will make our all efforts to achieve objectiveness and views of the leadership of the two countries in boosting and strengthening of relations, he added.=DNA

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