Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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IPS hosts web-talk series of ICT guru Dr Hatim Zaghloul

Islamabad, OCT 30 /DNA/ – Hatim Zaghloul, an Egyptian-Canadian telecom scientist, founder and CEO, Inovatian Inc., globally known for his pioneering role in several ICT inventions and innovations including Wi-Fi in the 1990s, and most recently 6G and his own blockchain technology, delivered a series of web-talks in Pakistan hosted by Institute of Policy Studies (IPS).
The online sessions titled “Frontiers of the World’s ICT Research & Innovation” were attended by a large number of ICT professionals, researchers, teachers and students from both the public and private sectors in the country.
The lectures followed by interactive sessions between the speakers and the participants generated a rich debate on the topics of ‘Blockchain: History and Future’, ‘Wireless Communication & the Internet of Things (IOT)’, and ‘Artificial Intelligence Enabled Cyber Security’.
The guest speaker of the third session was Dr Hussam Kinawai, co-founder and chief scientist, Wedge Networks Inc., a Canada-based cyber security software company specializing in real-time cyber threat prevention.
The main discussants, along with the speakers, in all the three sessions included Dr Adeel Akram, professor, telecommunication engineering, University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Taxilla, and Humayun Zafar, chairman, Open Source Foundation, Pakistan.

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