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Indonesian Embassy Hosts Family Gala: Celebrating fun games and sports with friends of Indonesia

Indonesian Embassy Hosts Family Gala: Celebrating fun games and sports with friends of Indonesia

Indonesian Embassy hosts Family Gala: Fun Games and Sports Celebration with Friends of Indonesia


ISLAMABAD, NOV 18: The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Islamabad for second year in a row organised a joyous event titled “Family Gala: Fun Games and Sports” to celebrate the strong bonds between the Indonesian Embassy and its Pakistani friends from different walk of lives. The family gathering took place on the backyard of the Embassy premises and witnessed the participation of diplomatic corps, government officials, media professionals along with their families.

In his remarks, Ambassador Mr. Adam Tugio expressed his gratitude for friends of Indonesia from diplomatic community and Pakistan for their support and good cooperation which helped the Embassy in strengthening bilateral ties and people to people connection of the two countries. He thanked media professionals of Pakistan for their continued support to the Embassy’s works in promoting economic and socio development in Indonesia to the wider audience in Pakistan. The envoy further added that cultural activities play important role in building bridges of understanding and friendship, and the Embassy looks forward to hosting more such celebrations in the future.

Chairperson of Rawalpindi Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ms. Riffat Shaheen presented the replica hand-sculpted gift of world’s largest flower model, “Titan Arum” to the Embassy. This awe-inspiring creation was unveiled by the Ambassador of Indonesia with his spouse and Ms. Riffat Shaheen, symbolizing the flourishing friendship between the two brotherly nations. “Titan Arum is a symbol of long life, beauty, resilience and cultural richness, this flower is a token of love for the Indonesian people”, mentioned Ms Riffat Shaheen, who also a renowned Fine Artist, sculptor and painter.

The event showcased musical performance by a Pakistani band and cultural dance preformance by the Indonesian ladies, delighting all attendees. The cultural interchange sought to cultivate a more profound comprehension and admiration for the diverse traditions that Indonesia and Pakistan mutually cherish.

The culinary aspect of the event showcased the best of Indonesian cuisine, with guests savoring renowned delicacies such as Bakso (beef balls soup), Sate Ayam or Indonesian chicken tikka, and Nasi Goreng (fried rice), creating an unforgettable experience of Indonesian culinary diversity.

Entrepreneurs from Faisalabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry set up stalls of beautiful handmade jewelry and fashionable Pakistani traditional clothes which attracted the audience. A dedicated corner for face painting also brought out the creativity in children, turning their faces into colorful canvases filled with smiles and laughter. Meanwhile, traditional Indonesian games added an extra layer of excitement among the children.

Ambassador Kazhar Farhadov of Azerbaijan, High Commissioner Pengiran Kamal Bashah Achmad of Brunei Darussalam and Director General, Mr. Asif Iqbal Khan of National Library of Pakistan were among the guest that participated in the family gathering.

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