Friday, May 17, 2024
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Indian spy drone video released entering Pakistani territory

RAWALPINDI: A sudden spike both in terms of intensity, caliber escalation and air space violations by India has been observed along LoC and working boundary, says ISPR.

ISPR said Indian troops committed 35 ceasefire violations since 9th of last month. India is exhibiting aggressive posturing through enhanced movement of troops, extensive reconnaissance, targeting of civilians and increased use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones violating airspace of Pakistan.

One such drone mission was flown on 15th of this month  by India  in which it intruded from Indian Occupied Kashmir Jaurian Sector and was flying over Banchirian Sector near Bhimber, when shot down by Pakistani troops.

The Indian authorities denied Pakistan’s claim that “it had shot down an Indian spy drone”. However, photos and videos recovered from the internal memory of quadcopter provides irrefutable evidence that it was flown by Indian Army for reconnaissance inside Pakistan side of LOC.

Some of the images and video clips released today clearly prove that the drone started its flight from an Indian post and entered into Pakistani territory.


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