Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Imran says Fox News analyst’s remarks ‘reaffirmation’ of US conspiracy behind his ouster

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Monday claimed that US defence analyst Dr Rebecca Grant’s remarks in a Fox News show removed “all doubts” regarding his allegation that he was ousted from the prime minister’s office last month through a US-sponsored “foreign conspiracy” due to his pursuance of an independent foreign policy for Pakistan.

Khan’s remarks came after Dr Grant was asked in a Fox News programme what the US message to Pakistan should be. To this, she said: “Pakistan needs to support Ukraine, stop looking for deals with Russia right now, limit their involvement with China, and stop the anti-American policies that are part of the reason that Imran Khan, the prime minister, got voted out of office a couple of weeks ago.

“So, it’s time to cool it on the anti-American, pro-Russia policies in Pakistan. Now is not the time.”Dr Grant is a contributor for Fox News and provides analysis on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as well as national and military-related topics. She is also the president of an independent research firm named IRIS that specialises in defence and aerospace. According to IRIS website, she has previously worked for US government’s think tank RAND Corporation and on the staff of the secretary of the US Air Force and its chief of staff. Soon after the video made rounds on social media, Imran, in a series of tweets, claimed vindication for his stance, saying it should “remove all doubts” about why a democratically elected prime minister and his government were ousted.

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