Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Imran Khan berates coalition govt for plunging country into quagmire

Says repatriating Sharif, Zardari half of laundered money could address economic woes   

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan blasted the imported government for plunging the country into quagmire of problems and told the cabal of crooks that the the ailing economy could be fixed if Zardari and Sharif families brought back half of their plundered wealth parked abroad.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Imran Khan said that the people were unable to comprehend what has happened to the country in just two months after ousting of PTI’s government.“PTI is now being blamed for the present turmoil, if this was the case, then why did the ‘imported government’ conspire to come into power? he asked.He said that the imposed government has compounded the miseries of the masses because they did not conspire to seize the power to provide relief to the people but to exonerate themselves of billions of corruption cases, which was evident from pardoning of a whooping Rs. 1,100 billion of their corruption cases by getting NRO-2 through amending NAB laws.

Imran Khan said that inflation was touching sky-high in Pakistan during the tenure of the coalition government.He recalled that IMF was demanding to increase fuel and electricity prices, but his government did not bow down to the demands of the funds and continued negotiations. Even IMF said Pakistan’s economy was on the right path, he added and asked what went wrong in the last 2 months that every sector is going down?He asked the ruling coalition: “You put so many efforts in the conspiracy against PTI but what did you give to people?”Imran Khan flayed the government for using the police against the people taking to the roads against load-shedding asking “where has the electricity gone? He said that in a democratic society, staging protest was a way to convey their grievances to the government, adding that the democracy did not function using force but morals.PTI Chairman said that the country can generate electricity as per requirement but the government, due to mismanagement, doesn’t have the money to pay the power plants.

Commenting on Turn Around Conference (TAC) being organized by the government to gather ideas for steering Pakistan out of prevailing crisis, Imran Khan said the country would come out of crisis only if half of Zardari and Sharif’s wealth parked abroad was repatriated to Pakistan.He invited the people to take to the roads in their respective cities on July 2 and staged a peaceful but a powerful show in Islamabad, as it would display their mood that they were not ready to accept a brute government.Addressing Punjab Police and bureaucracy, he said the faces of the police personnel who followed illegal orders of the Punjab government during PTI’s Azadi March were quite clear as their videos and pictures were all available.

He reiterated that fair and transparent general elections were the only solution to steer the country out of the present turmoil, adding that he has never seen a partial Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in his life.Terming Hamza Shahbaz, an illegal Punjab CM, Imran Khan said efforts were underway for rigging in the Punjab by-polls to ensure the rule of the Hamza government.

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