Friday, December 1, 2023
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ICCI Summit will help to promote tourism and business, Ambassadors

ICCI Summit will help to promote tourism and business, Ambassadors

ISLAMABAD /DNA/ – Ambassadors of Turkey, Malaysia and Syria in Pakistan have termed the first ICCI International Tourism Summit a great effort by the Islamabad Chamber for the promotion of tourism. According to the ambassadors, the beauty of the northern regions of Pakistan can attract tourists from all over the world. Attending the conference held in Skardu, one of the top tourist destinations in the world, is a very pleasant experience. The highest peaks of the northern regions of Pakistan can become the center of adventure tourism.

Turkey’s Ambassador dr Mehmet Pachi said that like Turkey, Pakistan has great potential for tourism. Unfortunately, in the past, the security situation in Pakistan has been a hindrance to the development of tourism, but now things have improved.He said that the Islamabad Chamber has done its best by organizing the summit to present the northern regions to the world. I hope that its positive effects will come out soon.He said that Turkey is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world where millions of tourists visit every year. Turkey is ready to fully cooperate with its brother country Pakistan in this regard. He said that Skardu is one of the most beautiful places in the world.Turkey is working to equip the airport here with modern facilities.We are trying to start Turkish Airlines direct flight to Skardu soon,Discussions are ongoing in this regard as well. He said that adventure tourism is developing in the world.There are many world  highest peaks in the northern regions of Pakistan which can become a favorite place especially for European tourists.

President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce Ahsan Bakhtawari said that the Islamabad Chamber has organized this first event of its kind in the northern regions, which will continue.He said that tourism is not only a means of earning dollars or improving the economy, but its promotion will highlight the positive imige of Pakistan around the world.He said that the large number of foreign ambassadors participating in the conference is our success.The government should learn from the experiences of  brother countries like Turkey and Malaysia to frame the policy. He said that the federal government, provincial government and related institutions need to work together for the promotion of tourism in the northern regions.

Regarding the conference, Azhar bin Mazlan, the ambassador of Malaysia posted in Pakistan, said that tourism is the most important part of Malaysia’s economy.Pakistan has many places that can attract not only Malaysian tourists but also large number of tourists from other countries of the world. Malaysia will fully cooperate with Pakistan in this regard. ICCI Tourism Summit is the best step for branding the most beautiful northern regions of Pakistan. Such initiatives should continue. He said that the beauty of the northern regions surprised me. With very pleasant weather, high mountains and clean atmosphere, this region can prove to be a paradise for tourists.He said that Malaysia is starting direct flights with Pakistan. I would suggest that work should be done to bring Malaysian airlines to other tourist destinations including Skardu.

Regarding the conference, Ambassador of Syria Dr. Ramez Alraee said that I am grateful to the Islamabad Chamber for giving me the opportunity to participate in the conference. The northern regions of Pakistan can be called the Switzerland of the East. Such a conference can lead not only to tourism but also to business development.

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