Monday, October 2, 2023
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Hyderabad hosts British High Commission photography exhibition

HYDERABAD, SEPT 26 (DNA) – The photography exhibition was launched today in Hyderabad by the Acting British Deputy High Commissioner in Karachi, Steve Crossman, and the British Council Director for Sindh and Balochistan Christopher Hunt.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Shared History; Shared Future’ showcases 70 years of UK-Pakistan relations and will be open to the general public from 26 to 28 September at the Benazir Bhutto Art Gallery, Institute of Art and Design, University of Sindh Jamshoro. The same exhibition has already opened at the British Parliament in London, and is touring across nearly 20 major cities in Pakistan and the UK.

Speaker of the Sindh Provincial Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sindh Jamshoro Professor Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat, also joined the Acting British Deputy High Commissioner and British Council Director Sindh and Balochistan at the event along with officials from the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi, guests from the university and local businessmen in Hyderabad.

The Acting British Deputy High Commissioner in Karachi, Mr Steve Crossman, said:

“2017 is a historic year as we celebrate 70 years of friendship between the UK and Pakistan, and we are delighted to bring our photography exhibition to Hyderabad.  The photographs that are displayed in this exhibition showcase our cooperation in trade, sports, politics, development, defence, education, infrastructure and culture over the last 70 years and we look towards deepening our friendship over the next 70 years.

“Education plays an important part in our friendship as we look to progress together. Pakistan is the recipient of the biggest DFID education programme anywhere in the world. Many Sindhi scholars win Chevening scholarships to study in the UK. These scholarships serve to deepen the warmth and understanding between our two countries, whilst attracting the brightest and the best to study in the UK. The scheme is seeking 2018/19 applicants now. And next month we will be launching our GREAT debate competition for students nationwide. We encourage you to participate!”

The British Council Director Sindh and Balochistan, Mr Christopher Hunt, said:

“In 1947 the British Council first started its work in Karachi and we have been working in Pakistan ever since.  Today, we work in all of the provinces of Pakistan and engage with millions of Pakistanis every year.

“In Sindh over the past two years we have helped nearly 45,000 boys and girls enrol and stay in school and we have supported tens of thousands of students in Sindh gain internationally recognised qualifications and work towards a promising future.  British Council Pakistan will continue to create opportunities for the people of our countries; helping people in Pakistan benefit from the UK’s skills and experience whilst supporting people in Pakistan share their expertise with the UK”.

The British High Commission’s ‘Shared History Shared Future.’ photography exhibition is currently touring the UK and will continue to be exhibited in other cities in Pakistan. Throughout the year, the British High Commission, in collaboration with the Pakistan High Commission in London, is organising several events and activities to mark 70 years of UK and Pakistan’s relations. Details of these events are regularly featured on the British High Commission’s social media pages.

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