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Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza: 1.3 Million Citizens Left Homeless

Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza: 1.3 Million Citizens Left Homeless

GAZA, JAN 9: Foreign and expatriates, The true essence of changing the image of the war of extermination and its misleading nature is its continuation The Israeli government continues its attempts to mislead world public opinion and international officials by promoting a change in the character and shape of the genocide war with a goal Absorbing global resentment and the escalating pressure on the occupying power to stop its massacres and target Palestinian civilians.

The forced displacement committed by the occupation in the northern Gaza Strip, in the center and south, which means deepening the humanitarian catastrophe in the areas that have become more densely populated in the world after the forced exodus, as nearly 1.3 million citizens are currently alone. They are homeless.

The ministry asserts that Israel’s attempts to give the impression of alleviating the war do not include the minimum demand by the countries of the world to protect civilians, especially with the continued bombing of homes and facilities over the heads of its residents, and Netanyahu’s refusal of the return of the displaced to the northern Gaza Strip and the transfer of aid incomes. The issue of extortion, barter and preventing the basic humanitarian needs of the residents of the Gaza Strip, in light of the escalation in the mass massacres committed by the occupation forces in the central and southern regions of the Gaza Strip, which constantly cause more civilian casualties.

 Rather, they boast about the prolonged war on our people and their continuation during the year 2024, and sometimes mislead the world with alleged conversations about the day after the war, but to move to another stage of war less severe at other times, knowing that Netanyahu and his coalition They are trying to sustain the cycle of wars and violence to achieve the goal of staying in power and restoring their popularity, and the result is that more than 2 million Palestinians are a constant victim, all of which are still living in a whirlpool of certain death and displacement in various forms.

The ministry reaffirms that the immediate ceasefire is the only way to protect civilians and secure their basic humanitarian needs, and that any other side conversations, situations and issues that do not serve the goal of stopping the war are rejected and are nothing more than ashes in El-Ayoun.

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