Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Russia to host largest halal market trade fair in Kazan

Russia to host largest halal market trade fair in Kazan

MOSCOW, MAY 22 /DNA/ – In Kazan, Russia, the International Trade Fair Kazan Halal Market will open from May 14-19, 2024.

It’s part of the annual International Economic Forum “Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum.”

Hussein Ibrahim Taha of the OIC noted growing trade between Russia and OIC states.

He sees the halal market as a key area for new trade opportunities.

The global Halal market is valued at $2.6 trillion and is expected to reach over $11 trillion by 2028.

The fair will feature halal-certified goods from leading Islamic World manufacturers.

In 2023, exhibitors from Iran, Afghanistan, Senegal, and Turkey participated.

Over 40,000 visitors attended, including official delegations, media, and diplomats.

The 2024 fair will be held at the Kazan Agro-Industrial Park.

Participants can showcase products on a 5,000 square meter trade area.

Participation fee is $210 for one equipped trading place.

The fair focuses on food products, wholesale and retail trade, and consumer goods.

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