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Here is what you shall not take in breakfast

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day because it breaks the night fast and provides the energy needed to face the day. After resting during the night’s sleep the body needs to recoup its strength and eating after getting up does precisely that.

It would be mistake to skip breakfast thinking that it is a good dieting method. It should be taken care of in this respect that breakfast should not be taken as a snack and should comprise of appropriate meals.

It is also important to avoid eating unbalanced meals at breakfast because it promotes certain cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. However, it is noted that breakfast is often taken wrongly and causes more harm than benefit. It is therefore advisable to follow prudent methods of eating breakfast.

Not eating enough at breakfast is a mistake as it prompts people to increase their food intake at the other meals of the day which is completely unhealthy. A large meal in the morning, on the other hand, ignites the metabolism and helps burn more calories during the day. This happens because breakfast makes people feel fuller, reduces daily calorie intake, and improves the quality of diet.

Eating too fast is a common occurrence at almost every meal of the day and is undoubtedly linked to the rhythms that this society imposes on people. Binge eating very fast at breakfast can increase the risk of obesity according to some recent studies. In addition, eating at a moderate speed also reduces hunger later on.

It is not advisable to eat carbohydrates though it is not necessary to cut out carbohydrates in the morning but only to decide which and how many to eat. Complex carbohydrates give constant energy throughout the day. These include oats, fresh fruit, low-sugar or whole-grain cereals. Simple carbohydrates, on the other hand, should be avoided.

The same can be said for carbohydrates as for fats: unsaturated fats are good and should not be demonised such as adding nuts and seeds to yoghurt is a great way to consume nutritious fats. Or even using peanut butter spread on whole-meal bread. It is preferable, however, to reduce saturated fats such as butter which can raise cholesterol.

It is suggested to avoid eating protein though consuming protein in the morning helps to control hunger in the following hours and also provides plenty of energy for the muscles. The best way to consume them is lean proteins such as almond cream, cottage cheese, milk or yoghurt. For yoghurt, however one should be conscious because white, low-fat yoghurt is better than others, which often contain a lot of sugar. It could be flavour with honey or chopped fruit.

Drinking the wrong juice is to be avoided as it could be harmful. Juice is often associated with being nutritious and healthy but most of the time this is not the case. This is because manufacturers put so much sugar into the drink, making it much more harmful than many other things considered unhealthy. In general, it is better to prefer whole fruit to juice because it has more fiber, less sugar and fewer calories.

Another big mistake made in the morning is forgetting to drink. Often in the general confusion, between breakfast, getting ready, getting dressed and going out, often in a rush, people forget to even drink a single glass of water. This tendency is required to be avoided. Several researches confirm that drinking water shakes off the grumpy mood of waking up.

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