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Govt brought ‘sick projects’ back to life: PM Nawaz


ISLAMABAD, MAY 06, (DNA) – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Saturday the government of Pakistan brought previously  sick projects  back to life, adding there are so many scams in the country and investigating them will consume all the time.

Nawaz Sharif performed ground-breaking of the Metro Bus track from Peshawar Morr to New Islamabad International Airport.

While addressing to the press conference of the ground-breaking, he told a progressive country requires such projects. “Roads and mass transit system will bring investment,” he reaffirmed.

A journalist asked PM Nawaz whether his government will investigate delays in past projects. He responded saying investigation of these previous projects will consume all the time.

PM prayed for the ‘well-being’ of his rivals. He visited and inspected the New Islamabad International Airport where he was briefed about the developments.

He was told that the newly built airport had the ability to accommodate and serve approximately 45,000 passengers at a time. 15 new docking stations were made and a latest system of air traffic control was established.=DNA


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