Friday, June 2, 2023
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Good bye my friend!

Waheed Hussain The news of the death of former Senator Muhammad Enver Baig was shocking for me as for many his friends.  I was at my native village in Abbottabad (a hill resort) in Khayber PakhtoonKhawa province for the Eid ul Ftir when came to know about the departure of my friend. Unfortunately, I could not attend his Nimaz-i-Jinnaza (funeral) and burial, as was away from the city, which may keep me haunting for rest of my life. Enver Baig was a lively, sweet, loving and caring human being. He was very soft spoken but firm on his ideas and opinion. Whenever, I called him on phone or met him he shared a light joke to make me laugh and feel relax. Despite many personal troubles and difficulties, he always gave an impression that nothing is wrong with him. Especially the last few years of his political life disappointed him but he never complained. Enver Baig was a social person really loved to invite friends for dinner and exchange of views at his place frequently. Whenever there was a gap of such gatherings, I used to call him and said “Baig Sb missing your delicious food and company.” His guests list included, personal and family friends, politicians, diplomates, businessmen, bureaucrats, doctors, academicians, media persons in short people from all walks of life. Like myself many journalists got the opportunity to interact with important people who were at the helm of affairs, gathering news and collecting background information. Muhammad Enver Baig was successful businessman, honest and intelligent politician. When I met him for the first time in 2004, he was serving as member senate (Federal Parliament) representing the Pakistan Peoples’ Party. He was part of various standing committees in the upper house and played a very important role in legislations and scrutinizing the decisions and policies of various ministries. As member of Pakistan Peoples’ Party he was very close to late BB Shaheed but after her death in 2007, Baig could not win the confidence of Asif Ali Zardari so decided to leave PPP and join Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). But his experience in the PML (N) was not that good rather very disappointing. During Nawaz’s government from 2013-2018 he was appointed as chairman Benazir Income Support Program for a very short period of time and removed. Later he informed that some cabinet members of Nawaz Sharif government were not happy with him they had past grudge so they poisoned the then PM ears against Enver Baig and he was sidelined not only from the government but from party as well. He always told that he was never invited for any party meetings by the leadership. He was an out-spoken politician criticized his own government policies and decisions which the PMLN leadership did not like. In our political culture leadership do not encourage disagreement. They only like flattery and praising. He could not adjust himself with the PML (N) working conditions but didn’t join any other political party till his death. He will be missed by many. Let me say good bye my friend and rest in peace. May Allah give you highest place in Jannat ul Firdous Amin.  He remained with Pakistan People’s party from 1988-2013.

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