Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Financial irregularities in Brazil embassy reported

Diplomatic Reporter/DNA

ISLAMABAD:  Gross financial irregularities have been reported in the Brazilian embassy in various disciplines to the tune of millions of rupees.A special audit team from Brazil was here to investigate the matter. The audit team during the course of investigations found gross financial bungling committed during the previous tenure.According to details, the irregularities were allegedly committed by a Brazilian accounts officer, who prepared fake invoices and receipts on behalf of various Pakistan vendors. Details further reveal, during the previous tenure a lot of printing and development work was done in which huge amount of money was reportedly embezzled.

In printing of books the amount shown in receipts and invoices was many times higher than the actual amount. Likewise in the publishing of newspaper supplements similar method was adopted to embezzle huge money

For example a publication published supplement of Brazil embassy and total cost incurred was about USD 1,000 approximately while the amount claimed from the Brazilian government was USD 4,000/-

Reports suggest, Ambassador Lins when took charge of the affairs, ordered a thorough inquiry into the matter. A special team from Brazil then also came to Islamabad to investigate the matter. Since then, the Brazil embassy is keeping a low profile and not indulging in non-diplomatic activities

However, sources say during the previous tenure of Ambassador Alfredo Leoni Brazil became a very well know country in Pakistan. Before him there were no high level interactions between the two countries. Brazil and Argentina were once considered as irrelevant countries in terms of relations with Pakistan but the previous Argentina and Brazil ambassadors had reversed this trend.


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