Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Expert for introducing political, economic reforms

ISLAMABAD, DEC 07 (DNA) — An Economic Expert Syed Sardar Ahmed Shah Wednesday stressed the need to introduce a comprehensive political, social, economic, and agriculture reforms for revamping the system to yield desirous results.

Delivering a lecture here on political, socio-economical condition of the country, he being an economic expert had expressed his views and shared experiences by living in European and Central Asian countries to make the life successful.

He said China and European Countries had made educational, social, political and economic reforms by achieving success in the structural betterment to stable and strengthen their economy.

He further said the previous government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) under leadership of its supreme Imran Khan had pledged to introduce such educational and electoral reforms within 90 days but he did not fulfill a single promise throughout the tenure.

The speaker said former Prime Minister Imran Khan had always adopted non-serious attitude and his politics was based on merely allegations. He alleged that Imran Khan had wasted nation’s precious time in reprehensible and nefarious politics and did not deliver for  welfare and development of the country and people.

He said the reducing poverty and alleviating inflation would not only provide relief to the people but also improve the national economy. =DNA

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