Friday, December 1, 2023
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Establishment of Pakistan-Indonesia Business Council


JAKARTA: Foreign Secretary Dr. Asad Majeed Khan witnessed the signing ceremony for the establishment of the Pakistan-Indonesia Business Council, held on 13th July at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KADIN) in Jakarta.

Speaking on the occasion, the Foreign Secretary termed the establishment of Pakistan-Indonesian Business Council as an important step towards deepening of economic engagement and unlocking the vast potential within Pakistan-Indonesia partnership. He expressed hope that the Council will serve as a catalyst for further economic cooperation by improving business-to-business interaction, promoting joint ventures, generating employment opportunities, and reducing poverty to build prosperous and resilient societies.

In his keynote address, Chairman KADIN Mr. Arsjad Rasjid P.M. noted that Pakistan was an important non-traditional trading partner of Indonesia. He emphasized the immense potential for mutually beneficial economic ties between Pakistan and Indonesia and underscored the importance of long-term collaboration to unlock the untapped potential in both markets. He expressed KADIN’s readiness to host interactive sessions and networking opportunities and to explore potential collaboration and forming lasting partnerships.

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