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Enemies hatching conspiracies against CPEC: Ahsan

ISLAMABAD, 18 MAY (DNA) – While felicitating the nation on 65th anniversary of Pak-China Diplomatic relations, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms, Prof. Ahsan Iqbal said on Wednesday that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework would not only improve Pakistan’s economy but also strengthen its defence.

“The entire nation will have to play its role in the implementation of this vital initiative by exhibiting a complete unity and solidarity besides giving a message to the world that Pakistan has now become a economically vibrant and politically stable country,” he remarked.

Ahsan Iqbal invited the foreign investors to come and invest as there was a complete political stability and conducive environment for the foreign investment in Pakistan.

He said, Pak-China friendship was become a model for the world, adding, “China has been supporting Pakistan unconditionally in the last 65 years while Pakistan responded positively to its time-tested friend at all the fora.”

Hence, Pak-China friendship was considered higher than Himalaya, deeper than sea and sweeter than honey. The Minister said, although, both the countries were very close on the political front but the present government after coming into power transformed this friendship into an economic partnership.

Pakistan, he said, had become number one country for the Chinese investment in this region owing to CPEC initiative. “The economic relations between the two countries are progressing at a fast pace and owing to CPEC framework, these relations are now touching new heights,” he added.

Ahsan Iqbal hoped that Pak-China friendship would help resolve energy crisis and create employment opportunities besides connecting the four provinces and remote areas. He said, a new era would usher in after connecting China with the Central Asia through Pakistan.

Responding to a question, he said, CPEC would not only change geo-economic situation of this region but provide a key position to Pakistan with regard to South Asia, Central Asia and China.

“With the improvement in economic situation, Pakistan would be able to strengthen its defence capability. That is why, enemies of the country are hatching conspiracies against this project of vital importance,” he added.

To yet another query, he said, it was collective responsibility of the political forces that only an economically strong country could ensure its sovereignty and respect in the comity of nations. He said, it was high time to demonstrate unity and oneness over country’s economy and political stability to make Pakistan an Asian tiger.

“We should desist from political point scoring as the political stability is a key to attract foreign investment,” he added. He opined that without foreign investment, no country could progress on its own resources.

hsan Iqbal said, as a strong and democratic country, we should give a message to the world that there was a strong democratic system in Pakistan, particularly, the country was progressing economically for the last three years. He said, the images of protests and boycott by political parties shown on world media put a bad impact on the investment climate in the country. DNA

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