Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Dr Asim’s wife admitted in London hospital for cancer treatment

KARACHI, 09 JUNE (DNA) – Dr Zareen Hussain, wife of Dr Asim Hussain who is seriously sick was admitted to hospital in London after the advice of doctors who are giving treatment to her. She is suffering from cancer and her condition is getting worse day by day after his husbands detention.

During the court proceedings, Dr Zareen used to be present and give his opinion to the lawyers of Dr Asim Hussain pertaining to the cases. Till yesterday, despite being seriously ill, she attended almost all the hearings of Dr Asim Hussain along with her family members.

Dr Hussain has shown serious concern regarding the sickness of her wife and said that at the time when I should be with her unfortunately due to ‘created’ situation I am not able to be with her when she requires the care and attention from her husband.

He said that while in custody I am helpless at need of the hour to give support to my wife I can only pray for her early recovery from cancer. He appealed passionately to the well-wishers, friends, relative and people to pray for the recovery and good health of her wife. DNA

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