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Don’t label anyone ‘kafir’, issue fatwas: Masjid-e–Nabvi Imam

LAHORE, JUL 29 (DNA) – Masjid-e–Nabvi Imam Sheikh Ayad Ahmad Al Shikri said that Allah doesn’t like hatred, fight and bloodshed.

In a Friday sermon at Ishaq Mosque in Azam cloth market, the Imam advised to not label anyone ‘kafir’ and issue fatwas. He also said that don’t spread unrest against any ruler even if he is bad and not loyal.

The one promoting peace and prosperity is on right mission, he added.

He further prayed for the unity and security of Pakistan and Muslim community and said that Allah has made Mohammad (PBUH) our leader, therefore, we should act on his teachings.

Sheikh Ayad said that accept the fate as it has been decided by your Creator. He said faith is not only a claim but there is a need to prove it by your deeds. And if any person does this, he will prevent himself from wrong ideologies, he continued.

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