Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Doctors of Uzbekistan successfully participate in complex surgeries in Germany

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (DNA– A delegation of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan is in Germany as part of the project of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) “Improving the skills of medical and technical personnel to work on modern high-tech medical equipment in Uzbekistan”.

It should be noted that Uzbekistan and Germany are implementing a number of projects in the medical field. In particular, the Ministry of Health and OPASCA German Oncology Solutions GmbH signed an agreement on organization of a new clinic, which will be equipped with the latest technology and medical equipment worth 50 million euros, and preparation of Uzbek specialists together with the clinic of the University of Mannheim Germany.

In addition, thanks to cooperation with Germany, an agreement was signed on establishment of a multidisciplinary clinic in the territory of the Tashkent Medical Academy. An investment of 100 million euros will be attracted to the project. It is gratifying that in the future and in the regions of our country it is planned to open multidisciplinary clinics operating on the basis of the technology of Germany. This is the Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Health.

This trip of the delegation of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan is also the result the development of this cooperation. Members of the delegation together with the doctors of the Albertinia clinic in the city of Hamburg (Germany) actively participated in the implementation of complex surgeries carried out with the help of robotic technology in the areas of surgery, urology, gynecology and oncology. In addition, they participate in master classes and gain skills in working with robotic technologies.

The delegation also visited companies such as “Philips”, “Dräger”, “Heinemann”, “Weinmann”, “Fresenius”, “Siemens”, which are manufacturers of modern medical equipment, and got acquainted with the production process. In addition, discussions are being held in the area of creating in our country the expansion of the activities of service services for modern technologies used in Uzbekistan.

In particular, the company “Dräger” is known worldwide for its equipment: artificial respiration devices, patient monitoring devices. The medical equipment produced by it also exists in remote rural medical stations of Uzbekistan. Therefore, negotiations are held with representatives of this company, agreements are reached with it in the field of creating and expanding study rooms in Uzbekistan, improving the skills of our specialists in the direction of using modern technology and providing them with services. The main thing, having improved their skills, our specialists can in the future conduct trainings for doctors from remote regions of our country.

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