Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Court nod sought for sex change

LAHORE: Mother of a 24-year-old woman has approached the Lahore High Court seeking the court’s permission for her daughter to undergo a sex change surgery as advised by doctors.

The mother of the woman, who belonged to Kasur, states in a writ petition that her daughter had started feeling physical changes in her body when she was 14.

The petitioner says she began consulting gynecologists after her daughter complained of frequent pain and ‘gender disorder’ became unbearable for her. She said a doctor at the Fatima Memorial Hospital, a private facility, advised her daughter to have an ultrasound scan.

The petitioner states that the doctor after going through the scan’s report suggested her daughter to visit a surgeon for a (sex-change) procedure.

However, she says, the surgeons approached by her refused to conduct the required surgical procedure apprehending possibility of legal action against them.

The doctors advised her to first get permission for the surgery from a court of law, she adds.

The petitioner pleads that her daughter has the right to undergo a sex-change surgery in the light of her ultrasound scan report.

She asks the court to allow her daughter to go through the surgery advised by the doctors so she could live a normal life.

The petition has been filed through Advocate Naseer Husain Sindhu.

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