Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Consult doctors for free using this Pakistani mobile application


The Sehat Kahani app is available for the citizens to consult doctors for free for the next three months. It has come in handy lately with the country under a lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The e-health application was launched by Sehat Kahani in collaboration with Digital Pakistan. Sehat Kahani is an all female health-provider network that provides healthcare using telemedicine.

“People in Pakistan are right now worried about going to any medical facility,” Dr Agha said.

All OPDs are also shut in the country which means that trouble awaits the vulnerable, especially pregnant women inside homes who need regular checkups.

This trouble is solved with the e-health app where people can discuss their health issues with authorized doctors, she said. They can also make themselves aware of the precautionary measures to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

“The doctors we have are well trained. They are also helping people differentiate between a normal flu and the coronavirus,” Dr Agha said.

She also urged women doctors to volunteer and help the organisation cope with the shortage of physicians amid the rising number of coronavirus cases.

On the app, patients will also have an option to document their health history which will help consultants treat them efficiently.

Dr Agha assured that only the patient and their doctor will have access to it, meaning their private information will be secured.

“Our system is completely encrypted,” she said.

The mobile application was launched in November last year. More than 15,000 people have downloaded the app since then.

We have checked around 850 patients in the last three days, the COO said. There’s also a customer helpline (021-35243259) for those who find it difficult to operate the application.

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