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Climate Change takes center stage at PNCA exhibition: Calls for global action

Climate Change takes center stage at PNCA exhibition

ISLAMABAD, NOV 17 /DNA/ – One of its kind, Arts Craft & Techno Exposition has kick-started at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) with an environment-friendly theme ‘Love thyself, love thy nature.’

A joint venture of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) and the Centre for Public-Cultural Diplomacy (CPCD) , the exhibition will remain open to the public until November 24 (except Saturday).

The exhibition featuring diverse works—paintings, sculptures, statues and raw items—has emphasized the need for adopting policies that are eco-friendly and protect our surroundings.

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Turkmenistan Ambassador Atadjan Movlamov along with Chairman of the CPCD Ambassador Salahuddin Choudhry and senior officials of the Ministry for National Heritage & Culture Division inaugurated the exhibition and emphasized how important it was to preserve and protect our green environment.

“We cannot have our world to face disaster after disasters engulfing human race, whether we like it or not, it is a matter of when, not if, our countries and our peoples will have to deal with the security impact of climate change,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Choudhry, Chief of the CPCD, said, “Climate Change was one of the biggest global threats to human security, and it is now the resolve of the world leadership and community to battle the climate crisis, rather a climate war.”

Many alive & conscientious people and many activists are aggressively raising questions over the apathy and criminal negligence and failures of the Global North – the rich developed countries who are responsible for major carbon emissions in the world, he further said.

Ambassador Choudhry was all praise for Ms Humaira Ahmed, Secretary of the National Heritage Ministry for extending support to the joint initiative with the CPCD. This is our common cause and we all should stand up for it, he said. He also praised the award-winning calligrapher of Pakistan, Rasheed Butt for providing his calligraphic masterpiece “Surah Rahman” for the exhibition. In this Surah, Allah in fact urges us to pay attention to His blessings and be grateful to Him for them, such as water, trees, fruit and forests. This Surah is a Quranic message on the environment and speaks volumes about our duties to our climate, he said.

More than 35 works of art and crafts are on display in the exhibition. The visitors took keen interest in the works of Saima Salahuddin (title: Symphony), Iram Wani (It’s happening here; it’s happening now), Mansoor Rahi, Hajra Mansoor. In short it was a mix of works by the young and senior artists all with the theme of climate change. Maryam Omar’s ‘Degradation of Ocean & Marine Life’ and Maham Iman’s ‘Barren Land’ were also appreciated by the visitors.

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