Friday, May 20, 2022
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China-Pakistan issue joint declaration on Win-win Cooperation

ISLAMABAD, Dec 12 (DNA): China-Pakistan joint declaration on Win-win Cooperation has been issued, according to Gwadar Pro.

The Joint Declaration was officially determined at the 2021 Forum on Cooperation between China and Pakistan Friendship Provinces and Cities held online. 

The joint declaration includes 7 key issues of concern to the international community. The Chinese and Pakistani ambassadors, representatives of the foreign ministries and the central and local governments have formally reached agreement on these issues.

The consensus reached in the joint declaration stated that both sides recognize the historical achievements made by CPC in the past 100 years; CPEC has achieved fruitful and all-weather development, the strategic partnership of cooperation has been deepened, and China-Pakistan relations have become equal and mutually beneficial; the 21st century is an Asian century, win-win and common development is the right path for mankind and the only right choice for all.

It further said, Pakistan have set a good example of solidarity and cooperation for the international community by working together to tackle the pandemic challenge; China and Pakistan will establish more sister city relations to deepen mutually cooperation in politics, economy and trade, scientific and technological innovation, education and culture, public health and people-to-people exchanges; 

The two countries agreed to hold the Forum on Cooperation between China and Pakistan Friendship Provinces and Cities again in 2023; the two countries look forward to the successful hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and firmly oppose any attempt, words and deeds to undermine the Olympic spirit or politicize the Olympic Games.

In addition to the aspects mentioned by the joint declaration, poverty reduction was considered as another crucial agenda. Both sides reached consensus on the joint declaration and believed that local cooperation between sister provinces and cities under CPEC will boost the process of poverty reduction and local economic development.

Qasim Khan Suri, Deputy Speaker of Pakistan’s National Assembly, said at the forum that CPEC has entered into its second phase. One of the focal points of bilateral cooperation under CPEC is poverty alleviation and high-quality development.

The Chief Minister of Balochistan also agreed: “Our pragmatic and deep cooperation covers all important areas including development and poverty alleviation. High-quality development and poverty reduction are our common goals of two countries. 

China’s poverty alleviation model serves as a benchmark for developing countries like Pakistan to follow. Our meaningful exchanges and pragmatic cooperation will definitely result in the development of a shared community for a new Era,”

According to the joint declaration, he also proposed several suggestions on poverty reduction and local development. 

His suggestions include setting up joint working groups for promoting exchanges and institutionalizing all-round cooperation under the framework of sister provinces and cities relationships, encouraging business enterprises to promote exchanges and trades, setting up model villages for poverty alleviation in Balochistan, sharing China’s best practices for poverty alleviation, identifying new areas for joint development projects among enterprises, and promoting people-to-people exchanges.

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