Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Chairman CDA inspects various developmental sites


ISLAMABAD: Chairman, CDA visited Srinagar Highway , Sector I-10 and steel Market I 10/3to inspect the progress on various development, rehabilitation works related to roads, parks, Sanitation,  sewerage, sanitation and water supply in these areas.

 During the visit, the Chairman CDA directed to increase the number of garbage trolleys .He further issued orders to place waste  bins along water filtration plants.

 DDG water was further  directed to ensure availability of water to the residents and proper functioning of filtration plants also be ensured.

 Chairman CDA also inspected the ongoing Nullah cleaning drive. DG Civic  Management was instructed to expedite the nullah cleaning works besides completion of works related to connection of sewerage lines to the main trunk.

During the inspection, The Chairman showed displeasure on non-resumption of carpeting works and directed the concerned formation that the same must be started immediately.

Overall progress of  various formations was found satisfactory,however, the chairman  directed that the pace of works should continue and all out efforts be made to provide better  services to the residents.

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