Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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CDA all set to install 12 more filtration plants in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, DEC 24 /DNA/ – In the light of instructions of the management of the Capital Development Authority, Water Supply wing is taking special measures to provide clean drinking water in Islamabad. In this regard, 12 new filtration plants are being set up in different parts of city.  The installation of these filtration plants will be completed with cost Rs. 27 million for which tenders have been published in newspapers.
According to the details, out of these filtration plants, 3 filtration plants will be installed in Sector F-6 at a cost of Rs. 67 lacs. 3 more Plants will be installed in  sector G-8 and G-9 at a cost of Rs 67 lacs
In addition, one each water filtration plant will be installed at a cost of Rs. 45 lacs in Sector F-7 and F-8. Similarly, two filtrations plants will be installed in sector G-6 Rs. 45 lacs while two water filtration plants at cost of Rs. 45 lakhs will be installed in Sector G-7.
In addition, on the direction of CDA management, the Water Supply Department is also upgrading the existing filtration plants in Islamabad and ensuring regular cleanliness of these plants.

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