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Canadian high commissioner calls on Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, MAY 16 (DNA) The Canadian High Commissioner Perry John Calderwood called on Chairman Imran Khan at Bani gala on Tuesday. Mr. Imran Khan first thanked Canada for assistance in a number of fields both bilaterally and through multi lateral forums. He also expressed satisfaction at the friendly relations between the two countries.

In a wide ranging discussion on a number of issues, Mr Imran Khan stressed the importance of fair and free elections for sustainable democracy in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf had waged a long struggle against tainted elections and it was thanks to the party’s efforts that issue of electoral reform is now centre stage in the country. He informed the Canadian High Commissioner that PTI has participated diligently in the electoral reform process in the parliament but is not satisfied with the results so far. Some critical issues, said Mr Imran Khan, such as biometric verification of voters, electronic voting machines and particularly voting rights for overseas Pakistanis have not been resolved. He stressed that Election Commission of Pakistan must be reconstituted after the electoral reform process is over.

Discussing challenges faced by Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan said that terrorism remains the number one security challenge. He pointed out that operation Zarb e Azb and now Rad ul Fasaad launched by our armed forces has improved matters considerably but there are still many challenges ahead. Full implementation of the National Action Plan and activation of NACTA are prerequisites for a successful outcome but equally important are police reforms. In this connection Mr. Imran Khan informed the High Commissioner about revamping the police in KP and the excellent work done by it subsequently.

The Canadian High Commissioner thanked Mr. Imran Khan for the meeting and the excellent discussion on a number of issues of mutual interest.

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