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Bushra Bibi leaks: timing is intriguing!!

Another dimension of this unfolding situation could come to light. According to recent reports, the prospect of a reconciliation between the Establishment and Imran Khan is on the horizon

Ansar M Bhatti

ISLAMABAD: The post-coalition government era has ushered in a wave of transformations, setting the stage for the evolution of alliances and the recalibration of political dynamics. Amidst this fluid landscape, the judicial realm has also taken center stage. On August 11, 2023, the highest court of the nation rendered a significant verdict, declaring the legislative decisions of the Shehbaz government regarding Supreme Court as null and void.

This momentous ruling carries substantial implications, particularly for prominent figures like Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the PML-N party, and Jehangir Tareen, a key figure within the newly-formed Isthekham Party.

 As a result of this ruling, both Sharif and Tareen find themselves barred from pursuing any appeals in relation to these judgments. According to the legal fraternity this ruling underscores the intricate interplay between the legal and political landscapes, shaping the course of the nation’s governance and leadership in unforeseen ways.

Nawaz Sharif, according to his family sources, is likely to fly to Pakistan next month in order to be part of the election campaign and re-organize the party. However it is to be seen if the PML N leader shall still be interested in returning to Pakistan after this judgement.

A recent event that has significantly impacted the political landscape is the Diary Leak of Bushra Bibi. These leaked entries suggest a deeper involvement on her part in the realm of governance, portraying her as a key advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan, particularly in matters pertaining to the military establishment and diplomatic relations.

Should these leaks prove to be credible and unaltered, they raise intriguing questions about her intentions. The content of the Diary Leaks seems to insinuate a potential desire to create friction between Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Establishment.

Another dimension of this unfolding situation could come to light. According to recent reports, the prospect of a reconciliation between the Establishment and Imran Khan is on the horizon. Evidently, there exist certain intermediaries who have diligently laid the groundwork in this particular area.

 In order to garner acceptance from the Establishment, it becomes imperative to demonstrate that the confrontation with them was not an initiative conceived by Imran Khan himself. Hence, the Diary Leaks appear to have been leaked in order to shift responsibility on the shoulders of somebody else.

In essence, it is accurate to assert that the excessive influence wielded by Bushra Bibi within the government machinery significantly undermined PTI’s standing. This undue sway led to substantial criticism directed at Imran Khan both internally and externally, particularly in light of Usman Buzdar’s appointment as Punjab Chief Minister. Buzdar’s swift detachment from PTI during challenging times further proved that his selection was absolutely wrong. Reliable sources firmly suggest that Bushra Bibi played a pivotal role in obstructing Imran Khan’s ability to replace Buzdar with a more competent candidate, amplifying the sentiment that her involvement hindered the party’s effectiveness and public image.

Then Bushra Bibi nexus with Farah Gogi is also above board. Farah allegedly used her connections with the then first Lady to make her fortunes. Ostensibly, she could do all this with the consent and knowledge of Bushra Bibi. This particular fact also led to PTI’s unpopularity among all and sundry.

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