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Bano Qudsia, novelist and playwright, passes away at 88

Bano Qudsia, novelist and playwright, passes away at 88

LAHORE, FEB 04, (DNA) – One of Urdu language’s top novelist and playwright Bano Qudsia passed away in Lahore on Saturday.

Bano Qudsia, who married short story writer Ashfaq Ahmed, was best known for her novel Raja Gidh and had written for television and stage in both the Urdu and Punjabi languages. Her play ‘Adhi Baat’ was termed a “a classic”.

Bano Qudsia was recognized as a trendsetter in the realm of television plays. Some of her plays gained immense popularity in Pakistan and across the border because of their vitality, warmth and courage.

Bano moved with her family to Lahore during the Partition of India. Her father, a landlord with a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, died when Bano was very young. She attended school in Dharamsala in eastern India before moving to Lahore.

Books written by Bano Qudsia include Aatish Zeir Pa, Adhi Baat, Aik Din, Amr Bail, Assey Passey, Bazgasht, Chahar Chaman, Dast Basta,Dosra Darwaza, Dusra Qadam, Foot Path Ki Ghaas, Haasil Ghaat, Hawwa Key Naam and Kuch Aur Nahi.

Some of her best plays include Tamasil, Hawa key Naam, Seharay and Khaleej. The plight of women and other socio-economic issues have often been the subject of her television serials that have inspired families wherever they have been aired.

The Graduate Award for Best Playwright was conferred on Bano in 1986, followed by the same award for three consecutive years from 1988 to 1990. In 1986, she was also given the Taj Award for Best Playwright.

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