Friday, June 9, 2023
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Asim Iftikhar Pak Ambassador to France, Aisha to Ireland


Raza Tarar, Faisal Tirmzi, Aftab Qureshi will serve in Japan, UAE and Greece respectively

Ansar M Bhatti

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif has approved nominations of various Ambassadors and High Commissioners to various countries. The prime minister gave this approval after getting recommendations from the Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

According to details, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Asim Iftikhar Ahmed has been appointed Pakistan’s Ambassador to France. The post fell vacant after the posting of Moin Ul Haq in Beijing, China as Pakistan’s ambassador.

 Then happened the cartoons episode in France because of which the appointment of Pakistan’s ambassador to France got delayed. But thanks to efforts from both sides, all hurdles have now been overcome and Pakistan, France relations are well on track again. France, as a goodwill gesture, recently rescheduled Pakistan’s loans and intends to be partner with Pakistan in a number of projects. Similarly, Pakistani side is also keen to expand and diversify relations with France.

Another seasoned diplomat and former Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aisha Farooqi, who was taking care of the SCO desk has been posted as Pakistan ambassador to Ireland. Aisha is also a career diplomat and has vast experience in diplomacy. During her tenure as Pakistan’s ambassador to Ireland relations between the two countries are expected to be strengthened further.

Raza Bashir Tarar, another seasoned diplomat has been appointed in Japan vice Imtiaz Ahmed was got retired recently. Raza Bashir was also a strong contender for the new foreign secretary but after his posting, he seems to be out of that contest. Raza previously served in Canada from where he was called back and Ameer Khurram Rathore was sent there to replace him, however Rathore after few months was shifted to Saudi Arabia from Canada.

Faisal Tirmzi, who was heading the Administration wing in the Ministry, has been posted out as the Ambassador to United Arab Emirates. Tirmzi is also a career diplomat and understands the region very well. His posting is likely to bring both Pakistan and UAE even closer.

Amir Aftab Qureshi has been appointed Pakistan ambassador to Greece while Junaid Yousaf will head Pakistani mission in Ankara, Turkiye. Similarly Ali Javed is heading to Italy while Asif Memon will hold the fort in Hungary. All these diplomats have rich experience in diplomacy and therefore it is strong hope that Pakistan’s relations with these countries will further flourish.

Aftab Hassan Khan will be Pakistan’s new ambassador to South Africa while Salman Sharif will replace Aftab Khan has head of the Pakistani mission in New Delhi. The new ambassadors are likely to take charge of their new assignments soon. It may be mentioned here that Khalid Memon, Special Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already been appointed in Poland as Pakistan’s ambassador.

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