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Asif Zardari welcomes release of Shahbaz Taseer

ISLAMABAD, MAR 08 (DNA) – Former President Asif Ali Zardari has welcomed the release from captivity of Shahbaz Taseer son of former Governor Punjab late Salman Taseer.
The release of Shahbaz Taseer after five years of captivity is most welcome news not only for the Shahbaz and his family but also for the whole nation, said the former President in a statement today. The news of release was announced by the Interior Minister in the senate Tuesday evening.
Asif Zardari expressed the hope that the son of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani kidnapped during the 2013 elections and by kidnappers at an undisclosed location since then will also be released.
It is hard to imagine the torture of uncertainty inflicted on a person and his family who is abducted by unknown abductors and kept for five years at an unknown location beyond any glimmer of hope and far beyond the reach of law, he said. Shahbaz Taseer and his entire family deserve to be commended for enduring this ordeal and nerve wrecking experience ever since he was kidnapped in August 2011 with remarkable patience, composure and dignity.
The former President expressed the hope that despite this harrowing experience Shabaz Taseer and the family will remain unscathed emotionally and psychologically and that Shabaz Taseer will gather himself and move on in life.
The former President said that it was not yet clear as to who and how his release became possible. However, all those who made efforts in securing his release deserve to be commended.=DNA

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