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Ambassador Alizada hosts Salvation Day reception

National Salvation Day is one of the glorious pages of the history of independent Azerbaijan; awards medals and certificates to Pakistani friends; says he will be leaving soon after completing his term in Pakistan

Ansar M Bhatti

ISLAMABAD:  Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada has said his country is greatly indebted to Pakistani govt and people of Pakistan for extending whole-hearted support during war with agressor Armenia.

The ambassador expressed these views while speaking at the National Salvation Day function. The ambassador also confered medals on the ministes and parliamentarians. Besides, certificates were awarded to those media persons who contributed significantly toards promitona and strengthening of bilateral relations.

Ambassador Alizada said the National Salvation Day is one of the glorious pages of the history of independent Azerbaijan. After regaining  its independence in 1991 Azerbaijan was at the verge of civil war and loss of independence.

ISLAMABAD, JUN 11: Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Omar Ayub witnessing pictures during his visit to Azerbaijan embassy.=DNA PHOTO

On that time by the persistent demand of the Azerbaijani nation, Heydar Aliyev, National Leader of Azerbaijan assumed the responsibility of the country, saved the state and the nation of Azerbaijan from the hard and strict tests of the history and Azerbaijan embarked on the path of development, ensured stability and the country began to confidently move forward.

The political reforms carried out in Azerbaijan under the leadership of Heydar Aliyev were designed for the development of democracy, human rights, unity and full protection of the interests of the country.

He said, H.Aliyev put an end to all negativity in the country, disbanded all illegal armed groups, established safety and order, and began building the state institutions.Along with the rapid development and dynamic progress of the country, the wise policy laid by National Leader and successfully continued by the current President of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev,gained to Azerbaijani nation to achieve its main goal – the restoration of the territorial integrity of the modern independent Azerbaijan.

Due to dynamic development, high national spirit and unity, professionalism and heroism of victorious Azerbaijan Army, and thanks to the dedication of our martyrs, under the command of the Supreme Commander-in-chief, Azerbaijan has defeated aggressor Armeniawhich kept 20% of Azerbaijani territories under the illegal occupation for almost 30 years, and Azerbaijan hassecured its territorial integrity, put an end to Armenian occupation and restored peace and justice in the region.

‘We are thankful to our fraternal country Pakistan and its nation which always stood by Azerbaijan and put its prinsipal position in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, especially during Patriotic War of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has also always stood byand supported Pakistan in all matters, including the Kashmir issue and I am sure this mutual support to each other will be continued and further strengthened’. Ambassador Ali Alizada added, from the first day of the restoration of independence of Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Azerbaijan as two brotherly countries always enjoy longstanding strategic partnership and cordial relationswhich reflects the will of our fraternal nations and our relations continue to grow in upward trajectory.

The mutual share of our sorrows, as well as the celebration of the different significat occasions of both countries together, including the the victory of Azerbaijan and the mark of National Salvation Day today once again prove our commitment for the strongfriendship and brotherhood, he concluded.=DNA


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