Monday, September 26, 2022
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Afghanistan Red Crescent Society Delegate Visits Pakistan Red Crescent Society

ISLAMABAD, DEC 10 /DNA/ – A five-member delegation from Afghanistan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) visited Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). They met PRCS team led by Chairman PRCS, Abrar ul Haq and discussed common areas of interest. The ARCS delegation was led by acting President Afghanistan Red Crescent Society, Moulvi Mati-ul- Haq Khalis. The other members of delegation included: Ghulam Habib Hassam, Inamullah, Abdul hai, and Abdul Baseer. Vice Chairman, Mr. Asif Bajwa, Secretary General, Dr. Adeel Nawaz and other PRCS officers were also present on the occasion. In the discussion, President Afghanistan Red Crescent Society, Moulvi Mati-ul-haq Khalis shed light upon the activities and humanitarian endeavors being undertaken by ARCS in Afghanistan. He particularly, praised contribution and cooperation of Pakistan Red Crescent Society in mitigating the suffering of Afghan people.  

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman PRCS, Abrar ul Haq said that Afghanistan is not just our neighbor but also a brother country. He further asserted that the PRCS would continue to provide its services for the Afghani people. He expressed that PRCS, would continue to help and serve the humanity to the best of its ability without any discrimination based on caste, color or creed.  

Abrar ul Haq emphasized that conflicts, droughts, epidemics, pandemics, food shortages and translocations had impacted Afghani people massively. He asserted that in view of current challenges, we would not leave Afghani people alone in these tough times. “Pakistani nation is always standing with Afghani people, both Pakistan Red Crescent Society and Afghanistan Red Crescent Society, together, would make efforts for relief and service of Afghani people”, he added.  

It is worthy to mention that in October 2021, PRCS in collaboration with Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRCS), extended food assistance to Afghanistan via Torkham border. These food packages were provided to 6000 families.  

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