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The World Claims the US Ends Blockade against Cuba

United Nations, Oct 26 (Prensa Latina) The UN General Assembly today takes a stand on another draft resolution calling for the lifting of the US blockade against Cuba, an initiative similar to the one overwhelmingly supported by that forum since 1992.


In a plenary session, the 193 member states of the organization vote in favor, against or abstaining regarding the text, with a full adherence to the principles and purposes of the UN Charter, ignored by Washington for more than half century with its economic, commercial and financial siege against Cuba.
The Charter established 71 years ago issues such as the peaceful settlement of disputes, friendship and cooperation among countries, respect for sovereignty and non-interference in the internal matters.

The draft resolution presented to the Assembly at its 71st Session reflects concern about the extraterritorial component of the blockade -applied by the Helms-Burton Act (1996) – the impact of sanctions on the Cuban people and its validity, despite the rejection of the international community.

This is the twenty-fifth consecutive time that the main deliberative organ of the UN votes a document addressed to end the siege, supported by 191 of the 193 members (only the United States and Israel opposed) in October 2015 .

The initiative acknowledges the progress in relations between Havana and Washington, the visit of US President Barack Obama in Cuba and the willingness to work for the elimination of the blockade, a matter that concerns to the Congress when became a law in 1996 with the Helms-Burton Act.
In addition, the project urges countries to refrain from adopting measures contrary to the UN Charter, and to abolish them as soon as possible if they exist.
Also, the UN Secretary General is asked to prepare a report on the subject for the 72th Session and the General Assembly was requested to include in its provisional agenda.
Cuba insists that while the White House applies economic, commercial and financial sanctions against it, the country will attend the Assembly to demand its dismantling.
During the plenary today, countries have the possibility to intervene as independent nations and on behalf of global and regional bodies to explain their vote and position regarding the blockade.
The Assembly also receives the presentation of a report by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, related to the implementation of the resolution adopted last year with the support of 191 governments and the isolated rejection of the US and Israel.
The document submitted by Ban considers the position of the international community, the United Nations system and other entities on the siege maintained by 10 US presidents.
Almost 160 governments, the European Union, the Holy See and more than 30 organizations sent their criteria to the Secretary General, the vast majority criticizing the unilateral measure, noting its impact and confirming their support to the draft resolution.


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