Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Kabul: District of Kundoz fall to Taliban, forces kill 57 

KABUL, 22 JUNE (DNA) – Afghan forces have killed 57 insurgents in newest military operations across the country, Ministry of Defense announced on Monday.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense states that security forces killed these militants in Qarabagh District of Ghazni province, Nijrab District of Kapisa, Surab, Dehrawoud and Charchino districts of Urozgan,  Gizab and Gujran districts of Daikundi, Naish and Panjwai districts of Kandahar and Kajaki and Khanashin districts of Helmand province in past 24 hours.

The statement further states that two soldiers from Afghan National Army have also been killed in landmine explosion and enemy fire during these operations. Security forces seized weapons and ammunition and also defused landmines but the statement does not have a specific number of them.

Dasht-i-Arche District of Kundoz province fall to Taliban hands

KABUL, 22 JUNE (DNA) – Taliban have captured Dasht-i-Arche District of northern Kundoz province, Taliban claimed and officials confirmed on Monday.

Nasiruddin Saidi, governor of Dasht-i-Arche District and head of the provincial council of Kundoz province confirmed the report.

Head of the provincial council said that the District fall to Taliban insurgents this morning.

He warned the central government that the situation in Kundoz is concerning.

This is second District falling to Taliban hands in Kundoz province. The first district that is controlled by Taliban is Chahardara.  . DNA

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