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Saturday, May 18th, 2024


FM Dar, Amir Muqam to leave for Bishkek to ‘support’ Pakistani students after mob violence

FM Dar, Amir Muqam to leave for Bishkek to ‘support’ Pakistani students after mob violence

ISLAMABAD, MAY 18: Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar and Kashmir Affairs Minister Amir Muqam will depart for Kyrgyzstan capital of Bishkek to support Pakistani students after several foreigners were subjected to mob violence late on Friday night. Kyrgyz police said they had mobilised forces in the Central Asian nation’s capital yesterday to quell the violence, in which hundreds of Kyrgyz men attacked buildings housing foreign students, including Pakistanis. What we know so far Locals attack international students after video of fight with Egyptians goes viral on socialRead More

KTC rubbishes market report as false, fabricated

KTC rubbishes market report as false

ISLAMABAD, May 18 (DNA): Khyber Tobacco Company (KTC) has taken an exception to a report “Pakistan Cigarette Market Assessment 2024” by Ipsos Pakistan and described it as false and fabricated. The KTC in a statement issued here said KTC is a leading cigarette manufacturing company in Pakistan, and “is compelled to address the public regarding the baseless and defamatory allegations levelled against it” by Ipsos. “The said report contains unsubstantiated claims and defamatory remarks regarding KTC’s business practices. These false allegations…have caused significant harm to KTC’s reputation and business interests,” it said. KTCRead More

Bishkek: Pakistani students narrate ordeal of fear, harassment; seek urgent evacuation

Bishkek: Pakistani students narrate ordeal of fear

Bishkek, MAY 18: Pakistani students in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, have shared their harrowing experiences following the violent clashes with a local mob on Friday night. They described their ordeal as one filled with pain, fear, and a lack of support from the Pakistani embassy. Reports from students on the ground indicate a dire situation. Many expressed fear for their safety and urgently called for evacuation. One student recounted a clash between local and foreign students on May 16. The next day, locals began attacking Pakistanis, evicting them from their hostels, apartments,Read More

Blocking Sims: Netting Fish For Minting Money

Qamar Bashir

By Qamar Bashir The Federal Board of Revenue has convinced the government that the only way to bring in non-tax filers into the tax net, is to block their SIMs. Drawing on my experience of over ten years as Deputy Commissioner Income Tax and knowing its culture very well, this is a very clever move, as they will get many “cows to milk” for personal gains without doing what they were supposed to do to achieve voluntary tax compliance from those with taxable income. Such as focusing on enhancing taxRead More

Gulf States as Mediators in the India-Pakistan Conflict

Gulf States as Mediators in the India-Pakistan Conflict

Dr. Muhammad Akram Zaheer In recent years, Pakistan has made concerted efforts to strengthen its ties with Iran although hindered by American sanctions on Iran and concerns regarding cross-border militancy. The prospect of being drawn into Saudi-Iranian proxy conflicts has further complicated Pakistan’s diplomatic stance, notably demonstrated by its 2015 parliamentary decision against joining the Saudi-led coalition aimed at combating the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen and reinstating Yemen’s internationally recognized government. This neutrality in Yemen’s conflict was a difficult choice for Pakistan, given its historically strong relationship with SaudiRead More

On protecting women: an overview

On protecting women: an overview

Ghazala Anbreen According to a Chinese saying ”Women hold half of the sky” but unfortunately even in the present times they are the first to be enslaved and last to be freed at many places of the world. patriarchy and misogyny patriarchy and misogyny hold sway in our society and it is required that domestic violence towards women is combated effectively. Kinds of violence include: 1. emotional violence, 2. economic abuse and 3. sexual violence. One reason can be the economic situation of the household and secondly the women areRead More