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Friday, June 9th, 2023


Knowledge Economy: Pakistan’s Path to Progress and Prosperity

Uzma Rana A few years ago, a country’s strength was determined solely by the number of arms it possessed and the technology of its missiles. However, in today’s world, science and technology have surpassed these traditional indicators of power. We are now living in an era dominated by scientific knowledge, where security, economy, power, politics, and even social life are all interconnected with knowledge. The true measure of a superpower today lies not in its high-tech weaponry, but in the brilliance of its intellectual minds. Countries endowed with vast naturalRead More

ICCI, Gulberg Greens agree on cooperation for the construction of Expo Center: Tariq Mehmood

Islamabad, JUN 9: /DNA/ – Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (Gulberg Green) President Tariq Mehmood said that the society continues its cooperation with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce in terms of national development, promotion of exports, social and cultural events. The construction of the Expo Center in Islamabad is a long-standing project of ICCI, Gulberg Green is fully cooperating with the Chamber in this regard. Within a week, the MoU regarding the construction of the expo center will be finalized between the two organizations. We are trying to completeRead More

Chinese-Urdu calligraphy competition promotes Sino-Pak cultural exchanges

Islamabad, JUN 9 /DNA/ – A Chinese-Urdu calligraphy competition was held to promotes Sino-Pak cultural exchanges. It was arranged by the Karachi branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic relations. According to Gwadar Pro, it was aimed promoting friendship and harmony among its staff members, they organized a Chinese-Urdu calligraphy competition and award ceremony centered around the theme of “Friendship and Harmony,” aiming to spread the essence of friendship. More than 40 Pakistani and Chinese employees enthusiastically participated inRead More

Expecting Dar’s resignation for economic catastrophe: PTI Spokesperson

Expecting Dar’s resignation for economic catastrophe: PTI SpokespersonSays govt led to ‘never seen before’ crisis, rendering 8m jobless, bringing 18m below poverty line DNAISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson said that they expected Ishaq Dar to hand over his resignation and apologize to the nation for unleashing record-high 38% inflation on the citizens, crippling the economy with 0% growth and taking the economy on the brink of default with SBP reserves falling below $ 4 billion.In response to Ishaq Dar press conference, PTI spokesperson said that the Economic Survey FY2023 paintsRead More

Devastating Climatic Changes

Waqas Asmat Unlike crypto, stocks, and bonds, real estate is most affected by climate change. Hazards, such as floods, and hurricanes are the biggest challenges it faces. In many developed countries of the Western world, hurricanes and floods have wiped off entire neighborhoods. In Pakistan, we also saw the floods that took away entire villages. Pakistan’s climate is very volatile which makes real estate vulnerable. Historically real estate sector crashed due to floods in the 1960s. Keeping in view the imperative impact of climate on real estate, companies like AAARead More

Toughest trials of life: Kajol announces social media break

Bollywood A-lister Kajol takes a break from social media, wiping off her Instagram feed on Friday. The ‘Salaam Venky’ star left her millions of social followers worried, as she wiped off her Instagram feed before sharing a cryptic post, to announce social media break for unshared reasons. Watch ARY News live on “Facing one of the toughest trials of my life,” read the note posted on her Instagram and Twitter handles simultaneously. Sharing the screengrab, Kajol captioned, “Taking a break from social media.” While the actor did not mentionRead More