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Sunday, January 30th, 2022


Railways new freight service to boost container transport three-fold

Karachi: /DNA/ – The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s Businessmen Panel (BMP) on Sunday said that the new freight train service, which was launched to link Karachi port with rest of Pakistan, to help uplift business opportunities, will lead to triple the container transport in the country. BMP Chairman Mian Anjum Nisar said that Pakistan Railways need to make more terminals for this freight service with the collaboration of the Karachi Port Trust with the ultimate aim of going towards profitable business. We just need to workRead More

Revisiting Discourse on Islam, Human Rights and Democracy to Navigate Present Muslim Challenges

Adam M. Tugio We hear a lot about Islam being misrepresented in the news these days.  Reports of violence, discrimination, restrictions on women’s rights have led to the erroneous conclusion that human rights and democracy has no place in Islam. Heinous acts by irresponsible people who use Islam as a pretext to further their nefarious intentions have exacerbated this misrepresentation, defaming Islam’s genuine face as a religion of peace and a blessing to the entire universe, rachmatan lil’allamin.  As a result, the Muslim community living outside their country has beenRead More

Geopolitical Reality and Major Powers

Dr. Muhammad Akram Zaheer The current geopolitical reality imposes new challenges and opportunities to resolve conflicts of interest through international cooperation, while maintaining a strategic vision or calling into question the balance of power. However, uncertainty is constant, as are circumstances and actors. In this constant concern for improvement, we cannot fail to evoke two kinds of strategic ideas. First from a real political point of view (The enemy of my enemy is my friend), which facilitates the formation of alliances. Second, by following a strategic and confrontational approach (TheRead More

Libya and the Global Enduring Disorder by Jason Pack

James M. Dorsey Libya stands out as an example of a complex, internecine Middle Eastern and North African conflict in which regional and global powers as well as jihadists exploit tribal and sectarian rivalries. The rivalries fuel a seemingly endless wave of chaos and violence in a part of the world that is pockmarked by ungoverned spaces. In Libya and the Global Enduring Disorder (Oxford University Press, 2021), Libya expert Jason Pack demonstrates that this tortured and war-ravaged, oil-rich North African nation is about much more. It is about theRead More