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Saturday, October 10th, 2015


China: 19 people killed in two separate incidents

BEIJING: A gas explosion in a coal mine has killed two miners and left eight others trapped, a local authority in eastern China said Saturday. The blast happened on Friday night in Shangrao county in Jiangxi province, initially trapping 10 miners in the privately run Yongji Coal Mine, the Shangrao government information office said in an online statement. Two bodies were later found, it said. It gave no details on the cause of the blast. The state media reported that the mine’s owner was being questioned by police. There hasRead More

Song Jong-hwan: Celebration ‘Korea Month’ to further cement Korea-Pakistan ties

Ambassador of Republic of Korea Talks to DNA and Centreline Ansar Mahmood Bbhatti Ambassador of Republic of Korea Mr. Song Jong-hwan gave an exclusive interview to Diplomatic News Agency (DNA) and Centreline. He talked about a variety of issues ranging from bilateral relations to regional matters. Ambassador Song Jong-hwan is a career diplomat and has precise grip over regional as well as global issues. He is extremely keen to see South Korea, Pakistan relations growing at a fast speed. He talked about a number of projects, especially in the fieldRead More

30 killed, 126 wounded in Turkish capital twin blasts

ANKARA: At least 30 people were killed and 126 wounded in twin blasts targeting a peace rally outside the train station in the Turkish capital Ankara, the interior ministry said in a statement The explosions occurred minutes apart near Ankara’s train station as people gathered for the rally organised by the country’s public sector workers’ trade union. The Turkish government suspects the twin blasts to be a “terrorist attack”. “We suspect that there is a terrorist connection,” a government official told media, asking not to be named. The rally aimedRead More

Uzbekistan: Torture, corruption and lies: Amnesty report

In Uzbekistan – one of the most authoritarian states in the world – corruption is widespread throughout the criminal justice system. Torture has become an essential tool for the authorities to retain their grip on power, with police and security forces frequently using it to extract confessions, to intimidate entire families or to extract bribes. The most common forms include beatings, asphyxiation, rape and sexual assault.In many cases, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, fathers and mothers have been arbitrarily detained, tortured and otherwise ill-treated to force themRead More