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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


Pakistan, India peace meeting calls for eliminating LoC tensions

THAILAND, Aug 11 (DNA): Interlocutors from Pakistan and India have urged the two governments to end the cross-border tensions between the two countries.Pakistani and Indian interlocutors met in Thailand, capital of Bangkok for the 16th Chaopraya Dialogue, organized by Jinnah Institute (JI) and the Australia-India Institute, and discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries.


Youth is the most ambitious, innovative and energetic segment of a society. If educated and trained well, extended opportunities for economic growth, and encouraged to participate in socio-political decision making, they can lead a nation’s march towards development and prosperity by fostering a culture of peaceful co-existence through patience, tolerance and cooperation; but unfortunately, if denied better education and grooming, neglected economically and socially, they have the lethal potential to rip the social fabric into shreds by engaging in subversive activities like extremism and terrorism. The theme of International YouthRead More