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Saturday, September 7th, 2013


Obama’s Negative Foreign Policy By Robert D. Kaplan

On the face of it, President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is not at all terrible. He ended U.S. military involvement in Iraq. He is severely reducing U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. He kept U.S. involvement in Libya to a reasonable minimum, and has not gotten drawn into the infernally complex civil war in Syria. Meanwhile, his secretary of state, John Kerry, is engaged in the first serious attempt at achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace in 13 years, even while Obama has kept his trigger-finger calm on Iran, thus positioning the United States forRead More

Women Parliamentarians or Model Girls By Tazeen Akhtar

How Media is portraying them? A discussion Tazeen Akhtar “Jo Bikta Hay – Wo Dikhta Hay “was the observation of most of the women politicians and women from media during a discussion on how media is portraying women in parliament and what the role of women in media is in this regard.Urdu saying quoted above means that “TV Channels show only that is purchased by the viewer“. Further we can understand it as media is throwing into the eyes of the viewer towards what they are attracted more. Women areRead More