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Zalmi win PSL 2017 by 58 runs against Quetta

Zalmi win PSL 2017 by 58 runs against Quetta

LAHORE, MAR 05, (DNA) – Peshawar Zalmi led by Darrren Sammy of West Indies have won Pakistan Super League 2017 after the teamoustedQuetta Gladiators in Gaddafi Stadium on Sunday.


Peshawar XI: Kamran Akmal(wk), Dawid Malan, Marlon Samuels, Mohammad Hafeez, Khushdil Shah, Iftekhar Ahmed, Darren Sammy(capt.), Chris Jordan, Hasan Ali, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Asghar

Quetta XI: Ahmed Shehzad, Morne van Wyk, Anamul Haque, Sean Ervine, Saad Nasim, Sarfraz Ahmed(capt. &wk), Mohammad Nawaz, Anwar Ali, Zulfiqar Babar, Rayad Emrit, Hasan Khan


Gladiators chase 148

Ahmad Shahzad and Morne Van WYK open for Gladiators while Hasaan Ali bowls

0.1 Dot ball

0.2 Morne attempts a single, unsuccessful

0.3 Morne misses, straight into keepers  gloves

0.4 Gladiators off to chase with first single in the innings

0.5 Shahzad faces, no run


0.6 No run

1.0 overs Gladiators 1 for none

1.1 Big lbw out appeal by Mohammad Asghar, not given, Morne stays, no run

1.2 No run

OUT 1.3; Asad Ali throws a direct hit, third umpire review sought, Decision: OUT

1.4 Dot ball

1.5 Dont ball

1.6 A single here for Gladiators

2.0 overs Gladiators manage another run this entire over

2.1 Anamul Haque draws a single on Hasan Ali s delivery

2.2 Up but no fielder there, just a single

2.3 Straight into Akmal s hands, no run

2.4 Darren Sammy drops a catch, Anamul Haque lives

2.5 Another good delivery: Wasim Akram for Hasan Ali. No run here for Gladiators

2.6 Single

3.0 overs Gladiators are 5 for 1

OUT 3.1, Quetta in pressure now, Anamul Haque hands his catch at the boundary

3.2 Dot ball

3.3 Dot ball

FOUR; 3.4 First boundary of the innings, Sarfraz, the skipper strikes

FOUR; 3.5 Sarfraz stirs the crowd

3.6 Dot ball

4.0 overs Eight runs and a wicket from this over, Gladiators 13 for 2

OUT 4.1 Shahzad goes back, catch Khushdil Shah, Hasan Ali delivers, third umpire s help sought as Sarfraz doubts it to be a no-ball

4.2 Single,

4.3 Ervine draws a single

4.4 No run

FOUR; 4.5 Sarfraz draws a boundary

4.6 Another two runs by Sarfraz

5.0 overs Gladiators 21 for 3

5.1 Ervine draws a single

FOUR; 5.2 Sarfraz hits a boundary, Hafeez bowls

FOUR; 5.3 Sarfraz sends the ball back to the boundary

OUT; 5.4 STUMPED! Gladiators skipper gone, Hafeez takes the wicket after punishing boundaries

Watch video:

5.5 Saad Nasim comes in, one run

5.6 Ervine draws another single

6.0 overs Gladiators 31 for 4 after 6 overs

6.1 A single to kick off the over, Ervine and Saad fight for Gladiators survival, Jordan bowls

6.2 Single, RR: 8.64

6.3 Batsmen run between the wickets for a single

6.4 Another single in the over

6.5 Ervine tips the ball for one run

6.6 Jordan bowls to see another single

7.0 overs Gladiators 37 are for 4

7.1 Wahab Riaz takes the ball, Ervine and Saad on pitch, Saad Nasim on receiving end, no run

OUT; 7.2 Riaz strikes! Saad ousted, Iftekhar takes the catch

7.3 Anwar Ali takes the pitch, a single

7.4 Dot ball

7.5 Dot ball

7.6 Dot ball

8.0 overs Gladiators are 38 for 5, Zalmi were better stabled at this stage

8.1 Two runs off Hafeez s ball

FOUR; 8.2 Ervine hits Hafeez for a boundary

8.3 Ervine draws a single

8.4 Another single, Anwar Ali puts Ervine back at receiving end

8.5 Single

8.6 Single

9.0 overs Gladiators are 48 for 5

9.1 No run

FOUR; 9.2, Anwar Ali hits a boundary

9.3 A single

9.4 Ervine faces, draws a single

9.5 No run

9.6 Single

10.0 overs Gladiators are 55 for 5

10.1 One run

10.2 Single

10.3 Anwar Ali faces Mohammad Asghar, draws a single

10.4 Another run

10.5 Anwar Ali hits the ball, attempts single, fails

10.6 One run

11.0 Gladiators are 60 for 5

11.1 Jordan takes the ball. RR: 9.89, Anwar Ali hits for a single

11.2 Ervine at striking end. A single here

11.3 (Need 87 off 52 balls) Jordan appeals for lbw, keeper misses, Anwar survives

FOUR; 11.4 Ervine sends the ball to the boundary

11.5 No run

11.6 Single

12.0 overs Gladiators are 69 at the loss of 5

12.1 A run, puts Ervine at receiving end

12.2 A single

12.3 Single

OUT; 12.4 Ervine (24) bowl: Mohammad Asghar

OUT 12.5 Third umpire referred, Akmal stumps Nawaz, OUT given!

Watch video:

12.6 Dot ball

13.0 overs Gladiators are 72 for 7

13.1 Single

13.2 Tight running between wickets, a run

13.3 Single

13.4 Single

FOUR, 13.5 Anwar Ali strikes after long, Darren Sammy suffers

13.6 No run

14.0 overs Gladiators are 80 for 7

14.1 Jordan bowls, no run

14.2 Emrit misses, into keepers hands

14.3 Single

OUT; 14.4, Anwar Ali goes back (20) RR:12.75

14.5 Single


14.6 A run

15.0 overs Gladiators are 83 for 8

15.1 Wahab Riaz to Hasan Khan, 2 runs

15.2 Wahab Riaz delivers short one, single

15.3 Tight running gets Quetta a run

15.4 Dot ball

15.5 Hassan Khan misses, no run, Akmal gets hold of ball behind wickets

No-ball 15.6

OUT 15.6; Hassan Khan goes back

(Quetta need 61 off 25)

16.0 overs Gladiators are 88 for 9

16.1 A single for Quetta

16.2 A run

BOWLED! 16.3 All out, Peshawar win Pakistan Super League 2017, Hasan Ali sent Zulfiqar Babar back to claim victory

Peshawar Zalmi innings:

Sarfraz asked spinner Zulfiqar Babar to take the bowl. Kamran Akmal, who scored a century in the previous match, carried on his impressive form as he hit three boundaries in the first over.

Dawid Malan also showed some impressive strokes against Anwar Ali as he hit first six of the match in the second over, which was followed by a four.

Peshawar Zalmi are 50 up in eight overs. Kamran Akmal and Nawaz are on the pitch. Emrit earned the first wicket of the innings in the final match. Dawid Malan went back; bowled in the fifth over.

While talking to PSL media person, Shehzad Roy said that Pakistan has won the battle against terrorism by holding the match here at home.

By the end of eighth over by Anwar Ali, Zalmi are 64 for one. Kamran Akmal and Samuels going strong. Run rate: 7.11

SIX; Kamran Akmal hits a six in tenth over

FOUR; Samuels hits four to Hasan Khan

SIX; Samuels with a six for Khan

WICKET; Hasan Khan victorious in taking Akmal down

WICKET; Muhammad Nawaz ousts Samuels on first ball of 11th over

Zalmi are 82 for 3 at 10.3 overs, Mohammad Nawaz to Iftekhar Ahmed and Muhammad Hafeez

Chief Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif arrives in Gaddafi Stadium to witness the match

WICKET; Hasan Shah sends Khushdil Shah back on 11.3 overs

Watch Khushdil dismissal:

Zalmi are 89 for 4 after 12.3 overs

13.0 overs; Zalmi 90 for 4, Zulfiqar Babar pulls off a boundary-less over

FOUR; Saad misses ball, goes for a boundary, Zalmi erupt

FOUR; Hafeez sends the ball away, Hasan Khan disappointed

Zalmi 101 for 4 after 14.0 overs

Watch what Kamran Akmal has to say:

Zalmi are 105 for 4 after 15.1 overs. Fall of wickets before ton taking a toll on run rate now.

Iftekhar Ahmed and Muhammad Hafeez going slow but steady, 110 for four after 16 overs. No boundary for two overs.

WICKET; Muhammad Hafeez (12 on 13 deliveries) hands catch to Mohammad Nawaz on Emrit’s delivery

WICKET; Emrit strikes again on 16.4, Iftekhar Ahmed lbw out, Zalmi 112 for 6 into 17th over

Watch Emrit strike:

Zalmi 113 for 6 after 17.2 overs

Stats: 11 Fours, three Sixes this inning

Zalmi 115 for 6 after 18.0 overs,

FOUR; Darren Sammy hits boundary on 18.2 overs

FOUR; Jordan hits Emrit on 18.4 overs

SIX; Darren Sammy hits to Emrit

18 runs off Emrit s over

Zalmi 133 for 6 after 19.0 overs

SIX; Darren Sammy hits to Anwar Ali in the last over of innings

SIX; Consecutive sixes to Anwar Ali by Zalmi skipper

Zalmi set target 149 for Gladiators to win Pakistan Super League 2017

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