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Pakistani woman pilgrim killed in accident

Pakistani woman pilgrim killed in accident

TAIEF, JAN 21, (DNA) -A Pakistani woman hailing from Gujrat lost her life and her relatives were seriously injured in a car accident in Saudia Arabia on Friday.

According to reports, the family of six was on its way to perform Umrah when a high speeding vehicle hit their car due to which the woman lost her life at the spot.  The other family members were shifted to an Intensive Care Unit in Malik Abdul Aziz Hospital.

Earlier, seven British-Pakistani nationals were killed and several more injured in a road crash in Saudi Arabia, Britain’s foreign ministry informed on Thursday.

“We are supporting the families of six British people who have sadly died following a road accident in Saudi Arabia,” a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.

“We are also helping several more British nationals who were injured in the crash,” she said, without specifying how many.

Glasgow Central Mosque released a statement naming two of the victims as Glasgow couple Mohammad Aslam and Mrs Talat Aslam, who have five children, saying they had just completed Umrah and were travelling in a minibus to Medina.

Meanwhile, the names of deceased hailing from Manchester were identified as: Mrs Rabia Ahmed, Mr Khurshid Ahmed and a two-month-year old toddler, Muhammad Azan Anas. =DNA


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