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Will expose corruption in ongoing projects, reveals Waseem Akhtar


KARACHI, MAR 04, (DNA) -The mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar has revealed that huge corruption is undergoing in the projects that are in progress within the city and are supervised by Sindh government.

Waseem Akhtar also vowed to expose the corruption in the ongoing projects.

In a visit to the Shahabuddin market in Karachi, the mayor met with members of the market association. He revealed at the occasion that the engineers and contractors of the projects by the Sindh government hailfrom Karachi and they let us know about everything going on in these projects.

He also announced to bring forward a separate white paper in this regard.

Mayor Karachi also professed that the administration of the city is run like a feudal system that he stopped the developmental project whenever he witness non-qualitative work.

He commented at the occasion that NAB and Anti-corruption could also not do anything and the ultimate decision would be taken by the masses in this regard.

On the other hand, the Sindh government has completely rejected the allegations by Karachi mayor as the minister for transport revealed that all the projects are going towards completion transparently.

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