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War devastated Afghans deserves mercy

Shamim Shahid

PESHAWAR, OCT 21: /DNA/ – The Afghans, who, on the grounds of fears for their lives, left the country after the empowering of Taliban in mid-August 2021, are still forced to stumble across the world especially in neighbouring countries including Pakistan. Still hundreds of families, mostly women and children, are waiting for their turn to land in any Western European country.

Though a large number of people  , after the Taliban’s second takeover of Kabul in mid of August 2021 succeeded in slipping to Europe,  America,   Central Asian countries and the Middle East. And thousands of others due to the proximity of geographical location,  had moved to Iran and Pakistan.  By the way, there are not many differences in the policies of Iran and Pakistan in terms of continuing the war and conflict and cropping up obstacles in return for peace and stability in Afghanistan, but in terms of providing shelter to refugees and treating them, the approach of both the neighbours are in contrast. People of almost all areas and regions of Pakistan having origin either from Afghanistan or belong to Afghan tribes scattered throughout Indian subcontinent, therefore they are having blood relations and sympathies with the Afghans irrespective of policies of ruling corridors if Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Not only people from all four provinces across the country, but even the dwellers of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan also cannot remain silent on the abuse of Afghan refugees or residents by state institutions. While in Iran, the policies are different for the Afghans even since the days of civil conflict and former Soviet Union invasions.

The abuses of Afghans in neighbouring countries especially in Islamic Republic of Iran will be mentioned in the dark chapters of history.  For this reason, after the Taliban takeover on August 15, 2021, majority people from Afghanistan came to Pakistan and a limited number of them, fortunately or unluckily, have reached Western countries.  Unfortunately in the sense that most of them escaped and detached from their loved ones and their motherland.  And bad luck in the sense that those who have a luxurious and possessive lifestyle in Afghanistan will now be counted among the immigrants in alien lands or countries. However,  Almighty Allah gifted these people with survival at the time when thousands were either made hostages or eliminated in fake encounters by taliban. But still the majority are in wait and facing missiles in hotels and apartments at Islamabad, Peshawar and other places throughout Pakistan.

Majority of Afghans who are stranded at scattered areas of Pakistan were either directly remaining occupants of important offices in government, semi government, diplomatic missions, foreign funded non government organisations and other lucrative jobs. On such grounds, their lives had to be at danger after Taliban takeover, therefore, their act of rushing to neighbouring countries could be appreciated   and deserve support and encouragement on humanitarian grounds. No one can deny political victimisation of civilians at hands of gun toting Taliban throughout Afghanistan. According to the United Nations and other international organisations, during one year, the Taliban officials allegedly killed around 3,000 people on political grounds, while forcing hundreds of women into marriages with self-styled commanders and Amirs.  Besides others, the Taliban regime has shuttered  women’s schools and deprived them of their legitimate right to education.  After the occupation of Kabul by the Taliban,  the majority of people who are willing or waiting to move to Pakistan and go to other countries are women and children.  Many of them are staying with their close relatives or friends or  in rented houses at Islamabad, Peshawar and other cities.

During frequent visits to a few hotels in   Islamabad, it was observed that a large number of boys and girls are among those waiting for their turns to fly to foreign countries.  Inside hotels in Islamabad and other rented apartments, these people are confined to small rooms day and night.  There is no friendly situation for these unfortunates who are victims of imposed wars and hostilities in their motherland. 

No one neglects the fact that Taliban are the value-added production of Afghan Mujahideen created in Pakistan with joint collaboration of the United States and its allies like Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Right from migration of at least 80 leading influential families through Maj General (Retd) Naseer Ullah Babar till training thousands of Mujahideen and their conversion or substation as Taliban, no other than these US led allies are responsible for all sort miseries of Afghans. Even the spy agencies of the allies had changed their minds when former president Hamid Karzai initiated steps of making Afghanistan as “self reliant” after winning 2004 first ever Presidential polls and installation of a democratic set up through 2005 parliamentary polls. As a result of shifts in allies strategies and proorities, the terror acts especially attacks Afghanistan security forces and target killing of elites, supporting Karzai regime was intensified. Even Afghanistan hosted a well publicised Joint Jigs in August 2007, during which Afghan leadership begged peace, stability and friendly relations from Pakistan but the

The response from the military President and his subordinates remained too disappointing.

Along with continued attempts of beleguarding President Karzai regime, extremism through well organised ways was mysteriously encouraged in adjacent Pushtoons dominated areas of Pakistan. Stimulation of extremism in Pushtoons dominated areas of Pakistan enabled the Afghan Taliban to continue stimulating pressure against US led NATO troops. Some but even almost all NATO members sensing the rate had started evacuating its troops from Afghanistan, thus paving the way for a patch up with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan influenced Taliban. And most recently no other than the US lead allies enabled Talibam to capture Kabul in mid of 2020 Doha Qatar Accord

Ironically, despite not recognizing the Taliban regime, the US lead allies are extending every sort of support to the Taliban government. Irrespective of US apparent anger against the Taliban regime, compared to 90’s, now the present Emirate Islami is powerful in Afghanistan. All US led allies are fully cooperating with the Taliban government.  These allies are completely silent spectators to the ongoing inhumane treatment of people in Afghanistan.  While many regional countries, including Pakistan and Iran, have adopted policies beneficial for the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Whatever be reaction but it is crystal clear that the one time powerful and United Afghanistan has been made crippled due to imposed wars and hostilities. As a result of these imposed wars and hostilities, the Afghan society is ahead with destruction and erosions. Afghanistan is no longer a threat to any country for the next one century. But the Afghans living in exile would emerge as problematic for the host countries in near future.

The criminal silence on the current situation in Afghanistan and the treatment of Afghans in foreign countries including neighboring countries should be broken now.  The people of Afghanistan, who have been fighting for almost six decades, can no longer pose any threat to any neighboring or regional country.  The Afghahs as a nation now deserve sympathies and mercies in the wake of a stock of miseries, hardships and even threats to their survival both in and outside of Afghanistan.

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