Monday, August 8, 2022
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University student in Lahore jumps from third floor, fractures both legs

LAHORE: A university student allegedly jumped from the third floor of a building in her university, attempting to kill herself. 

The incident took place at a university in Lahore. The police said that the student sustained heavy injuries and has been shifted to the Services Hospital of the city.

According to the university administration, the girl is enrolled in a bachelor of science in physics programme. However, she jumped from the building of the department of social sciences. 

The administration said that it could not discover the reason behind the incident, adding that the girl fractured both her legs.

A four-member committee has been formed by the university’s vice-chancellor to launch an inquiry into the incident. 

The administration also said that the university has been closed due to summer vacations and the committee is also investigating why the student visited the varsity while it was closed. 

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