Saturday, February 24, 2024
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United States “very concerned” about migrant crisis at Poland-Belarus border

WASHINGTON, NOV 12: The United States is “very concerned” about the situation at the Poland-Belarus border, US Vice-President Kamala Harris said on Friday.

“On the issue of Belarus and what is happening at the border with Poland, we are very concerned about that and closely paying attention to it,” Harris said at a press conference in Paris.

“The Lukashenko regime, I believe is engaged in very troubling activity. It is something that I discussed with President Macron, and the eyes of the world and its leaders are watching what is happening there,” she added.

The European Union has accused Belarus of mounting a “hybrid attack” on the block by flying in thousands of migrants, mainly from the Middle East, and pushing them to try to cross illegally into Poland. It is gearing up to impose new sanctions on Minsk.

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