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UK government can now track whatever you view online

UK government can now track whatever you view online

DEC 31, (DNA) – The UK government can now officially hack your phones and other devices after a new law passed in the United Kingdom allows security forces to increase surveillance on web users.

The ‘Snooper Charter’ which came into force on December 30, will let the government collect data from anyone on the internet, UK media reported

The British government claims that this law will be used to ward of terror threats and monitor pages inciting hate. However, activists claim that the law is a direct attack on privacy of users on the internet.

The UK home secretary Amber Rudd maintains that the law will allow email surveillance, according to website Express.co.uk. Activists add that it will also be used to monitor personal information including phone records and web browsing history.

It also demands phone and web companies to store this information for upto 12 months. These companies will also need to provide access to security agencies to this data.

Authorities can now legally hack into computers and mobiles of suspects.

The European Court of Justice has ruled that this charter is embarrassing and against the EU law. But once UK leaves the EU this ruling will no longer be applicable.=DNA


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