Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Today Pakistan has won, Nisar says

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar while addressing a press conference on Tuesday in Islamabad referring to the events of the past few hours said, “There are no winners or losers today.”

Nisar’s statement comes as the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), pivoting from protest to peaceful celebration, said its planned Nov 2 ‘lockdown’ would instead be marked as a day of thanksgiving.

The party’s turnaround came as the Supreme Court, hearing the Panamagate case, asked the government and opposition to submit their Terms of Reference on the formation of a judicial commission to probe the Panama leaks.

“Today Pakistan has won,” Nisar said. “Pakistan’s win is in peace, democracy, rule of law and reliance on our institutions.”

“I appreciate and welcome what Imran Khan has said,” Nisar said, referring to the PTI’s decision to shelve their ‘lockdown’ plans.

However, “The SC decision announced today, the government was for it four months ago,” he claimed.

“The PM also announced that the opposition can form the Terms of Reference [for the Panamagate commission] if it likes. This decision should have been made earlier,” he said.

“If you had listened earlier,” he said, addressing Imran Khan, “There may even have been a decision by now.”

“China, Turkey and Iran showed concern over political instability in the country. This will be a positive message ─ that the nation stands together instead of being divided. Although our differences will remain, we will continue to protest and champion our differences of opinion but will not allow an environment of anarchy or torture to persevere,” he said.

The interior minister, responding to PTI leaders’ claims that the government had isolated the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by blocking off the motorway between KP and Islamabad, said it was incorrect to claim the people of the province were unfairly targeted.

“I am aware of the ‘mehman nawazi’ of the Pakhtun people,” he said. “And we did not stop you when you protested in F-8 park.”

“But would you open your doors to a ‘lashkar’ trying to lockdown Peshawar?” he asked PTI supporters who attempted to march into Islamabad. “You adopted an incorrect policy,” he said.

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