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Thieves of public mandate have robbed PTI of 85 NA seats: PTI

Thieves of public mandate have robbed PTI of 85 NA seats: PTI

Feb 8 elections biggest voter fraud in country’s history: Raoof

Salman Akram terms incidents of election night a massive assault on democracy, says fictitious Form-47 created overnight

Rehana Dar reveals results tampered for Kh Asif’s victory

PTI’s clear victory converted into defeat through vote theft: Shandana


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) termed the general elections 2024 as a biggest vote fraud and a major assault on democracy because the party was clearly winning over 177 seats in the national assembly; however it was deprived of 85 NA seats by stealing the public mandate in the midnight robbery.

PTI leaders and the party backed candidates expressed these views while addressing the international and national media here on Friday at a function organized by PTI to expose mega polls robbery and present solid, documented and undisputed evidences regarding rigging in polls.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan stated that the people of the country penned high hopes with the long-delayed general elections that it would bring political and economic stability and would help restore rule of law and supremacy of the country.

However, he said that tragically it was one of the worst and biggest votes fraud inflicted on PTI, as the party was fraudulently deprived of its constitutional mandate.

Raoof highlighted that PTI clinched around 177 national assembly seats in 2024 general elections as per form 45; however 85 seats were fraudulently snatched from the party during midnight polls robbery and only 92 were awarded to them. “The party is taking constitutional and legal steps in this regard,” he added.

He went on to say that the mega polls theft could be judged from the fact that there was shocking discrepancies between form 45 and form 47, which was a blatant attempt to undermine PTI’s mandate as well as democracy, besides that large scale discrepancies between the votes polled in the national as well as provincial assemblies, adding that in several constituencies, the rejected were more than the margin of victory between the candidates.

Providing further details, PTI CIS stated that the party had verified data concerning 46 seats and is in the process of compiling information for the remaining 39 seats which would soon be completed.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI leader and senior lawyer Salman Akram Raja termed the rigging in election 2024 as an assault on democracy.

He said that usually rigging was carried out in the polling stations in the past; however, this time around it was very tragic and shocking that rigging was done at ROs’ offices and in the process of tabulation in the midnight.

PTI leader went on to say that he was winning by a huge margin before being thrown out of the RO office, adding that it was virtually a death to democracy because factitious results were prepared, putting serious question on viability and utility of the expensive elections exercise if really public mandate was not respected and accepted.

Salman Akram Raja noted that every elections would be farce; hence they have to take up the gauntlet to reverse the farce or else it would be death to democracy.

He stressed the need for transparency and fairness in the election process to uphold democracy, which could only ensure stability in the country.

PTI candidate dubbed the incidents of the election night and February 9 a “massive assault” on democracy, alleging that “fictitious” Form 47s were created and Form 45 “tampered with”.

He asked: “What is the point in holding an election if you are going to create a result out of thin air? “Such an exercise means death for democracy in Pakistan. This was not just an election fraud, it was a wholesale assault on democracy in Pakistan,” he added.

PTI leader recalled that PTI and its leaders and workers were subjected to all coercive measures as in atmosphere of fear was created but people roared back and registered a historic turnout, as there were a carnival atmosphere because he was winning on each and every polling station.

He made it clear that they would take the issue of mega poll robbery to its logical ends come what may because PTI was the  only political party that emerged as the sole federal political party.

Meanwhile, PTI backed candidate Rehana Dar said that results were tampered at the RO office to ensure Khawaja Asif’s victory, adding that the people of Silakot voted for PTI but the results were changed.

Rehana Dar said she decided to contest the election from Sialkot after police raided her house at the alleged behest of Khawaja Asif.

She announced filing a case against District Police Officer (DPO) Iqbal Hassan for raiding her house. Rehana Dar appealed to the Election Commission of Pakistan for the provision of justice like Nosheen Iftikhar in Daska.

She said: “I, a single mother, came out against the cruelty that was forced upon me and broke the idols of fear”. She expressed gratitude towards the people of Sialkot for their unwavering support during her tumultuous journey, highlighting their solidarity amidst challenging circumstances. She said that all votes cast to her were in favour of Imran Khan.

“I said let’s do politics and not injustice,” she said, urging for fairness and integrity in the political landscape. She stated that she had all all Form 45 documents, which validated her victory.

Party member Shandana Gulzar gave a presentation on the large scale rigging took place in the elections across the country, pointing out disparities in the allocation of seats compared to the party’s vote count.

Seemabia Tahir said that PTI backed candidates had all solid documented and video proof against mega polls robbery across the country depriving PTI of its clear majority.

She said that scale of robbery could be judged from the massive country-wide protests, which clearly reflected the public anger against snatching of their mandate. 

First directly elected MNA from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Shandana Gulzar Khan said that there was a sheer scale of vote theft, as the PTI’s candidates clear lead were converted into a defeat through poll theft in middle of the night.

She said that the country-wide robbery via form-47 in violation of Article 92 of the Election Act, 2017. “We obtained 1.25 million votes in Karachi, yet we did not get a single seat. Similarly, the Jamaat-e-Islami grabbed 700,000 votes but did not get a single NA seat in the city,” she said.

Moreover, she further said, the party-backed candidates got 13.6 million votes but were given 55 seats in Punjab. “This is a joke with the people of Pakistan,” she expressed, displaying graphics on a screen at the back. She further claimed that as per the results at 3am on February 9, the PTI had won 154 seats in the National Assembly, while the PML-N and PPP had each got 47.

The PTI-backed candidates were winning 42 seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but they were given 37 and the rest were stolen from them, she further explained, adding that similarly, from Islamabad, they were winning all three seats that they were eventually robbed of.

“In Punjab, we were winning 115 NA seats and only 55 have been given to us. And in Balochistan, we got four seats, but got one,” she added.

Shandana Gulzar pointed out that the party secured victory on 7 national assembly seats but it was given only one seat in Balochistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Ayaz Amir, PTI-backed independent candidate, said that he visited the RO office at 6pm on February 8, but was kicked out around 7:30-8pm. “Which means that the RO and other people were inside and they could do what they wanted,” he added.

PTI leader Khurram Sher Zaman said that what he called daylight robbery in Karachi during the polls, criticizing the handing out of seats to the MQM-P and highlighting discrepancies in the vote count.

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